More Bosnian Serb self delusion (posted in segregation from the good stuff)

Your post shows you haven't delved anywhere past the propaganda.
The Bosnian Muslim unelected president Alija Izetbegovic was in fact a radical Islamist who was falsely advertised by the west as a moderate. He had been jailed for violence against Serbs and then later in the early 1980's for maneuvering to make Bosnia into a country under Islam. He was seeking aid from Islamic countries and even known terrorist groups along with several other men in his clique.
They were sentences to 13 years, but let out after only 6 or 7 and formed the SDA which led BiH to war.
They were also arranging arms sales and smuggling weapons BEFORE the war officially began. And Bosnian Muslims were training in Croatia and involved in that war.
They had the largest forces in Bih - 200,000 which was 4 to 5 times greater than the Bosnian Serbs.
They had concentration camps for Serbs from the start of the war - one of the worse was in a grain silo called the "Silo at Tarcin". They were civilian Serbs.
Their police was also breaking into Sarajevo Serb homes and killing them.
You had the case of the Ristovic's who were shot up while they were eating lunch. Also killed was a neighbor boy who was visiting.

In Srebrenica they had an entire brigade - the 28th, led by commander Naser Oric. They were carrying out a scorched-earth policy against scores of Serbian villages all around Srebrenica in an ever greater radius. Only shortly after they committed a massacre on Serbs on Serbian Orthodox Christmas in January 1993, did Serbs (who'd been abandoned by the JNA) start organizing and successfully pressing back. During some battles they even injured Naser Oric. It was only then that the UN came in to prevent the Serbs from winning against that larger army.

And Srebrenica fell because that large army was ORDERED off their positions and to walk out THE DAY BEFORE. Former Srebrenica soldiers interviewed in St. Louis (where the U.S. State Department decided to settle many Bosnian Muslims) say it was their brigade commanders and the UN who ordered them off their "strong defenses all around". So it was an ARRANGED fall.

And the commander Naser Oric was showing videos of the killings the Bosniaks did around Srebrenica in January 1994.

Two western reporters, John Pomfret of the Washington Post, and Bill Schiller or the Toronto Star, went to visit him and he played his videos (one reporter called them "Naser Oric's Greatest Hits) on his Sony for them.
He actually BRAGGED and GRINNED as he displayed his and his forces brutal handy work.

The reporters saw SCENE AFTER SCENE of killed Serbs. Naser would describe how he killed them with explosives at one place ("we shot them to the moon"), while at another village "we had to use cold weapons that night".

Fact is that the Bosniaks were murdering Serbs from the start and the western media heavily suppressed that info - as well as the killings done by Croats who were the U.S.'s own "junkyard dogs" as one diplomat called them when they were in the middle of massacring Serbs during Operation Storm and another politician was feeling queasy about what they were doing.

And UN soldiers who were living in Sarajevo during the war did witness the Bosnian Muslim forces staging attacks. British politician Lord Owen was there when they mortared their own people. They had been staging attacks during his tour to blame Serbs, only in their haste and desperation to make Serbs look as bad as possible they were spotted by the Canadian soldiers with mortars on the hospital roofs and other places.
Plus they timed one attack as he was getting out of his car - and attack which killed civilians. Only he himself heard the LAUNCHING of the mortar and knew it was shot from relatively close (less than 200 meters) which put it squarely in territory controlled by the TO (territorial defense) forces of the Bosniaks.

Unlike the Muslims and Croats, Serbs actually show full autopsy records with the people fully named and there is plenty of proof the Muslims and Croats severely tortured and mutilated Serb civilians.

You should check out the book "The Sharp End: A Canadian Soldier's Story" by James R. Davis.

He was living in Sarajevo to the war and witness (as well as the other Canadians) to the Bosnian Muslim TO (territory defense) killing civilians in Sarajevo.

And other UN officers have testified about Bosnian Muslim snipers using buildings in the infamous "Sniper's Alley" - and yet only Serbs would be blamed. That put extra incentive for them to do these attacks to demonize the Serbs.

They DID stage attacks constantly. They staged attacks for the camera as well - had their only two professional cameras at the scene in Markale BEFORE the attack took place.

They CREATED horror for people to see at their dinnertime news hour to sell the war.
UN records also blame the Sarajevo government for interfering with the utilities more than the fighting itself did, and they say the government was STOCKPILING most of the food aid the UN was sending to Sarajevo by regular convoys.


So you see your belief that the Bosnian Muslims were "dumb" is that you fell for their act and believe too much of the propaganda.
The officers who were actually there DURING the war accuse the Bosnian Muslims of being the more dishonest side and the side most often breaking the ceasefires.
You bought in to their act.

Some of those children pictured were conceived and born years after the war.
Photos from 2001 of the 3-year-old would mean he was born around 1997/1998. He is not a war orphan.
Also you seem ignorant that the Bosnian Muslims had an entire brigade in Srebrenica - the 28th, with 6,000-8,000 soldiers, perhaps even more.

To claim a body is "Muslim" without even identification is propaganda. Serbs were being slaughtered all around Srebenica from the start.
And most all the bodies are actually found OUTSIDE of Srebrenica. The search Serb villages that the 28th Brigade attacked.

Most of the Muslims in the column of men (and the columns were due to ORDERS the day before that he army leave its positions and gather in the north - plus other able-bodied men, police, etc.) did make it on foot to Tuzla starting a week after they left.

They had to go through many miles of Serb-held territory and there were many running battles. Most of the dead were COMBAT casualties - most bodies show death from explosives.

Plus they are using their dead from the ENTIRE war as well as claiming those who were never in Srebrenica. The Serbs captured some Bosniak military records which show that those claimed as Srebrenica fall victims had actually died months or years before the fall.

There were MANY, MANY skirmishes, ambushes, raids and battles between the 28th and Serbs.
To pretend hardly any Bosniak Muslims died in actually fighting is a big lie.
I'll also point out that some Bosniaks have joined the terrorist groups in Syria - al-Nusra, ISIS, ISIL. Some have died and been named. Albanians too.
Here's an example:
May '14 Another young Bosnian killed fighting in Syria: Nusmir Pjanic (25), of Rainci Gornji near Kalesija, northeastern Bosnia, was killed last week fighting against Kurdish forces along the border with Turkey...member of a group called the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. 8th Bosnian Muslim killed in Syrian conflict Picture:


Bosniak girls answer the call to serve in the so-called "sex jihad" in Syria (having sex with the fighters or becoming their "wives" even if temporarily)
Apr. '14 Bosnian Muslim girls from Austria join Syrian fight as terrorists wives


Here's a quote from a Herbert Meyer-Bade who was there during the war and witnessed the opening of a mass grave of Srebrenica Serbs in 1993:
"Mmh - I attended there opening of a massgrave in MAR1993 - old Serbs slaughtered by a unit under command of Nasir Oric" - Herbert Meyer-Bade ?@meyerbade [Aug 2]


Muslim Hazim Delic (Celebici camp) boasted in front of the inmates that he had raped 60-120 Serbian women.

Former Al Qaeda warrior in Bosnia: "We were torturing Serbs in concentration camps, hammered them alive, drove rusty nails through their genitals"

And it should be pointed out that Alija Izetbegovic invited the Mujahadeen into Bosnia very early during the war and there are videos of him greeting them.

You should read about the 10th Mountain Commander Musan Topalovic who was decapitating Sarajevo Serbs and throwing their bodies down the Kazani gorge. Western media covered it ALL UP. And the Bosnian government murdered him and others AFTER they had done their dirty work on unarmed Serb civilians, since they were gangsters who weren't good at actual fighting and this was a way to get themselves off the hook. However Alija Izetbegovic was praising these torturers and murders while they were genociding the Sarajevo Serb civilians trapped in the Muslim part of the city. (Sarajevo was divided with front lines running through the middle and the Serb-held part ended the war the most damaged.) JUSUF PRAZINA was another gangster given an army and sicced on Serbs. He was praised by Alija Izetbegovic on TV. However, once he did his dirty deeds and started challenging Izetbegovic (he was also preying on Bosniaks - robbing them), an attack was launched on his unit.
Prazina managed to escape to Mt. Igman for a while, then to Mostar where he fought on the CROAT side during the Croat-Muslim war. Later he left for Belgium where he was assassination under orders of Alija Izetbegovic.


Mustafic: Bosniaks killed "unfit" compatriots in Srebrenica BIJELJINA - at least between 500 and 1,000 Bosniaks from Srebrenica were killed by fellow during breakthrough to Tuzla in July 1995. year because there were lists of those who "at any cost should not live to reach the freedom," said one of the founders of the SDA in Srebrenica Ibran Mustafic.
He said that the lists of "unsuitable Bosniaks" known Muslim leadership of Alija Izetbegovic at the helm, and he has confirmed the existence of such a list of dozens of people.

Secret Bosnian Muslim sniper group targeted own people, accusing Serbs of wanton killing, testifies Muslim chief.

According to Garaplija, Herenda admitted to "having been an accomplice in the Seva operation in which a bomb was planted in the apartment of General Halilovic, who just prior to the attempted assassination was dismissed for publicly opposing the division of BiH."
"Herenda explained that they put the explosives under the terrace, that they electronically monitored his movements and wiretapped his phone, and that they were ready to liquidate him, but the fortunate circumstance of his coming home late saved him and led to the killing of his wife and her brother, since he was dressed in army camouflage uniform and resembled Halilovic," Garaplija said.
Asked how this incident was presented to the public, Garaplija said that it was presented "as the Republika Srpska Army firing Malyutka missiles, since Herenda and his co-executors left the trace of the Malyutka cable to create the impression that the shell was fired from Serbian positions."


The Muslim Larks (aka "Seve") were just one of several Muslim paramilitaries that went about terrorizing Serbs, Croats, and in some cases their own Muslims. They operated primarily in Sarajevo. Other examples are the Patriotic League ("Patriotska Liga"), Green Berets ("Zelene Beretke"), Mosque Doves ("Dzamijski Golubovi"), Black Swans ("Crni Labudovi"), etc.
from "Dvorak Fan" on
[Prosecution witness David] Harland also confirmed that the Serbs were double-crossed when they handed Mt. Igman, overlooking Sarajevo, over to UNPROFOR. Karadzic said, "We handed over the Igman zone to you, to UNPROFOR, but they (the Muslims) entered through that zone and killed 20 of our medical workers." Harland answered saying, "I definitely recall the act when Bosnian government forces crossed through the zone from which the Serbs had withdrawn [on Mt. Igman] and killed a group of medics."
Karadzic also quoted extensively from the reports that Harland wrote during his time in Bosnia. One report (exhibit P835) said, "Power (and hence water) and gas began to flow to Sarajevo. The sporadic nature of these supplies appeared, as before, to be caused more by the interference of the BH than by the Serbs."
Harland confirmed his report saying, "Yes. We were aware that they also interfered with the utilities, yes."


Bosnian Muslims firing from hospital:

war crimes against Serb detainees from May to August 1992..."The civilians detained in the Dretelj camp were kept in inhuman conditions, abused, robbed of their belongings, beaten, raped and sexually abused, subjected to forced labour and tortured in the most humiliating ways,"...The several hundred detainees were mainly civilians from Mostar, Ljubuski, Capljina and Stolac. Some of their remains were identified in mass graves after the war, the prosecution statement said. Some have never been found.


The bodies of ten victims [fraction of those killed by Naser Oric on July 12, 1992] were discovered by accident on June 10, 2011 in Zaluzje by a team of the Identification Center in Tuzla who were looking for the remains of Muslim victims.

Some more of your sweet, innocent Bosniaks who have died as terrorists in Syria. (And the Bosniaks were actually a special project of Himmler during WWII - they were mostly pro-Nazi and many also joined the Croat Ustasha. U.S. is a-white-washin' for its TOOLS. The U.S. was chief engineer of the breakup of Yugoslavia. You have no clue.

Bosnian Muslims from Germany who died in Syria "Hamza S. und Enver P."

"#Terrorist Amr Rafaat Pilipovic from #Bosnia and Herzegovina is killed in Syria ." - M.D., Syria 24 English
Emro Pilipovic

Syria 24 News: Bosnian Muslim Senad Kobaš (b. 1979) of Travnik went to Syria 2 June, killed 16 Nov '13.

You weren't there DURING the war. You don't seem to even know about Naser Oric and the 28th Brigade. You'd also note that the bodies are most all from OUTSIDE of Srebrenica.

Furthermore, there are Muslim military records which show that many they claim as dying during the fall had actually died earlier during the war.

That warehouse you picture shows NO BLOOD STAINS and looks more like a building caught in cross-fire.

There's also the fact that over 3,000 of the supposedly missing Bosnian men showed up on the OSCE's 1996 voter list for Tuzla.

Tuzla is where the columns of men were told to go.
And they left the DAY/NIGHT BEFORE the fall.

Former soldiers interviewed in St. Louis Missouri tell of how they were ordered off their positions the day before the fall by their brigade commanders AND the UN. This shows an arranged fall.

The Serbs had been told the army left - otherwise they would go into Srebrenica - they were holding their lines for years and they didn't go after UN positions nor would it be wise to attack a NUMERICALLY SUPERIOR army.

And the Srebrenica muslims made VIDEOS of their slaughter of Serbs around Srebrenica in 1992 and 1993 - before the UN came.

The UN only came when the Serbs started successfully fighting back against the 28th Brigade.

The 28th Brigade had expanded greatly and thinned its lines, but also Serbs became organized. Naser Oric was injured in one of the battle and even the UN soldiers themselves told him they save him.

And Bosnian Muslims did join the Nazis in WWII. They were a special project of Himmler and formed divisions - there are pictures and documentation. Some of them and Croats were even fighting at Stalingrad with the Germans.
"I was there. In the line of duty I interacted on an ongoing basis with the War Crimes investigators, the doctors carrying out the identification and autopsy efforts at the morgue, and with others."

And did you know the Tuzla ID center did not even have certification until late 2007? They didn't allow oversight nor inspection by the company (based in Germany) which does the certification.
This gave them YEARS to manipulate evidence and be dishonest.
They do search for bodies in Serbian villages around Srebrenica that the 28th Brigade attacked.

In the videos there were scenes of decapitated Serbs and burning Serb homes.

The trial of Naser Oric was a SHAM. The prosecution avoided bringing up any of Oric's crimes and instead focused on abuse of Serbs by prison guards. They kept the whole trial diverted to that and the Torbaci (sp?). Torbaci were people who came to loot in the wake of the army - it included women and teens. They tried to blame the destruction on them, totally avoiding the mutilation and murders of Serbs.

Plus Stella Jatras, a Greek-American who followed the war from the start - ever since the beginning when she noted that a funeral for two children killed on a bus in Bosnia was presided over by a Serbian Orthodox priest (and others noted the Christian symbols). She saw the same funeral on CNN, but with the priest carefully cropped out and CNN claimed they were Muslim children. It was that which galvanized her to watch the war and propaganda closely.
Anyhow, she said a former LAPD officer named Larry Carter was part of a mission in Bosnia to find dead Bosniaks but that each and every site turned out to be a Serb blindfolded and their hands tied with wire. When he spoke about the discrepancy regarding was was announced versus what was found he was told to shut up.

And the Bosniaks ARE using their killed soldiers from the ENTIRE war. They are cheating. They also used the dead soldiers from ZEPA and other places.

There's no honesty in this and for all you know you were looking at killed Serbs falsely claimed as Muslims.

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