Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Today We Stand With Charlie Hebdo

Horrible news from France--a satirical leftist magazine was struck by two terrorists today, who appear to have killed at least 11 people (including several police) before fleeing.

While I wouldn't normally be a fan of Charlie Hebdo, which according to the Great God Wiki is a leftist rag, today everyone who loves the freedom to speak must stand united with them.  This attack in Paris was an attack on every free man and woman wielding a pen (or keyboard). It was meant to terrify us all into silence--in particular, silence about Islam, and silence in the face of Islamist fundamentalism.

In short, the islamist-fascists want us to cooperate with them, if only passively.


As I have said before, freedom still exists where you can stand up and say "Fuck you!"  ..... and live.

Today we stand together with Charlie Hebdo.

We will not be silenced.

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