Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Truth About The Election
(Of course it's the truth.
I wrote it.)

Lessons for everyone (and yes, this includes hard leftists) to take from the election:

1. This proves that temporary insanities (a la 2006, 2008) do NOT last. To every leftist who stuck it in the eye of every conservative these last eight years.... yesterday was payback time.

2. Remember that Tuesday's vote--temporary insanity or not, your call--ALSO will not last. Eventually the Democrats will bounce back again. And then the Republicans will bounce back after that. So don't stick it in the eye of our fellow Democrat citizens, fellow conservatives. To grin and be delighted is OK. To get into a Democrat's face and say "Suck it!" is NOT OK. This too shall pass. 

3. Many have been the casualties these last days. Both the most pernicious and most heroic political figures of the last decade have now been sidelined (aside from Alan "Act of Public Hygiene" Grayson and Al "Fashionmart" Sharpton). Sarah Palin is politically dead. Tom Delay, ditto. And Sandra Fluke, Wendy Davis, and Lena Dunham are scattered on the ash heap of history.  Hillary is politically bankrupt: not a single candidate she supported in a contested race won. She's done. And my personal bete noir, Al Franken, has, if not lost his seat or even redeemed himself, at least been honestly reelected and is no longer a seat-thief. May the souls of these departed rest in peace. Amen. And let's create no more new ones like them.

4. Everyone has now figured out that the War on Women is bullshit, and no Republican wants to ban condoms. Give it a rest. Likewise the racism shrieks. And please, can we forget the idea that support for hetero marriage is somehow barbaric?

5. The real question now is what is Obama's reaction? Some say that now, unconstrained by the need to make fellow Democrats happy, he's going to go berzerk and institute all sorts of leftist wet-dreams by decree. Others say that he's so dispirited that he'll golf his way to the history books. Given the fact that his eminence noir (or is it eminence rouge?), Valerie Jarrett, is still flapping his jaws, however, I'm more inclined to think that he'll do a lot of the former (berzerk) for about six months... followed by eighteen months of golf.  Never underestimate the power of human laziness.... and Obama, if nothing else, is the laziest President we have ever had.  I am counting on his inherent inability to do anything on his own initiative to be the one factor that saves the Republic (just as Tamurlane's gouty toe may have saved Europe once).

6. But what of the immediate dangers? Ebola? ISIS? Resurgent Russia? Nuclear Iran? Here Obama's lassitude may well prove as dangerous to the Republic as James Buchanan's before the Civil War. I can easily see ISIS conquering Iraq.  Ebola could well break out here (and conquer most of Africa). Russia may start snipping off its neighbors (including NATO members!) and we'll let it happen. This is the deepest flaw in the Constitution: that it allows a man to stay in office, ineffective, for two years after he has lost all authority. If the President were Prime Minister, Obama would have resigned already. He won't (alas!). We enter stormy seas, and the Captain is in the head curled up in foetal position. God help us. To quote the shrunken head in one of the Harry Potter movies: "It's gonna be a bumpy ride!"

7. All that said, but back to the election outcome. Do not be deceived, Democrats. This is not a mile-wide-inch-deep outcome. Yes, the Republicans took the Senate. Yes, the Republicans took every possible, non-gerrymandered seat in the House less maybe a half dozen or so.  But it was more than that. We now control 2/3 of the State legislatures. Dems only control 23 out of 99 (Nebraska has a unicameral legislature). Control of four are in doubt. We also now control 32 Governorships. That's unprecedented. The GOP now has a stronger hand than it has ever had since 1929. So much for "white regional party" bullshit. WE ARE STILL HERE AND WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY. AND WE ARE TRAINING OUR CHILDREN TO FOLLOW US.

8.  The Tea Party hasn't gone away; it's indeed gotten a shave and a suit. Only note this; what you guys--and I'm addressing the tea partiers here--what you guys call 'going GOPe' or 'giving in' is nothing more than the right-wing equivalent of the left-wing whine about 'selling out.' If you're going to play in the major leagues, you need to wear a baseball uniform and comply with the rules. Don't like it? Tough shit. Welcome to politics. It's not supposed to be easy. Be willing to work within the system instead of overthrow it. You are not going to get your way overnight. Our most dangerous lefty opponents figured that out years ago. Time for us to do the same.

9. Who is the one to watch for 2016? Hands down, one man: SCOTT WALKER, WISCONSON GOVERNOR. Three elections in four years (including a recall), and he became the focus target of Democrats across the nation.... and he kicked ass, took names, and won the third election by an even greater margin than the previous two. He has shown himself as reliably conservative as Sarah Palin without the baggage--indeed, he is Sarah Palin with balls (and I mean that in both senses). Sarah has served her purpose. Let us now go walk with Walker.  

10. To the others--stand down. We don't need you, Mr. Romney. Jeb? Be content with your pay and status; a governorship and two Presidents in your family are honors enough. And to all the other dwarfs--Alan West, Dr. Carson, etc.--your day is done. Stand aside. We need to win in 2016 and we have one man who has withstood the storm. Scott Walker. Unless they find him in bed with a dead mouse* he's the man of the hour in 2016. (*If he were a Democrat, he could get away with a dead girl AND a live boy....)

11. Given that, I salute our valiant opponents for eight tough years.... and cheerfully and cordially look forward to kicking their butts again in two.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll just go outside for a while... and just smiiiiiiile.......

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