Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Extracts from the Little-Read Book: Chapter 034

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* It sez here: Are Democrats getting too liberal? (washingtonpost.com) That question was answered last week with a resounding "yes." Leftists ALWAYS overreach. The only question ever is: how much damage will they do before power is struck from their hands?

*  The reason I fight Homeland Security is because after the next 9/11, Congress can, and probably will, turn IMMIGRATION COURT (a kangaroo system that can deport "them") into CITIZENSHIP COURT (a kangaroo court that can internally deport YOU, say, to Alaska).  My job is to hold their feet to the fire.

* Demilitarize the cops. "More Mayberry, less Fallujah."

* It sez here: Nancy Pelosi to Accept Award Honoring Black-Hating Eugenicist Margaret Sanger (tpnn.com) The Joseph Mengele Memorial Medical Center voices its approval.

* Welcome to the German language: Mit hugeunreadablesesquipedelianwordscrammedtogetherunreadably with the verb at the end of a very long sentence finally coming.

* It sez here:An (Eastern, it figures) German city wants ‘green police’ to raid homes to enforce electric heater ban" (dailycaller.com) Not an idea lacking in German historical precedent.

* The leftist self-title "Coalition of the Ascendant" to be unbearably snobby and bears the seeds of its own destruction.... as the election just proved. "Coalition of the Ascendent"? Only in the sense of their noses.

* Basia Trzetrzelewska. Polish jazz singer from the 90s. Still has an awesome voice--but the old grey mare ain't what she used to be! (Google image a recent pic of her and, alas, you will understand.)

* Politics is showbusiness with live ammo. Statesmanship is politics with nukes.

* The first piece of genetically modified anything I ever saw was firefly genes added to a tobacco plant--resulting in (no shit) a glow-in-the-dark living tobacco plant. Cool, yet scary. I gots no trouble with DNA research given proper controls. What I fear in this department is the 'decentralization' of genetic research--when it becomes possible for the GE equivalent of script-kiddie hackers start mucking around with microbes' DNA in their garages. Remember, all we need to do is screw up ONE microbe and we're back in 1350. Yes, I have probably read "The Stand" once too many times.... yes, I *do* Fear the Reaper! Y. Pestis is not your friend!

* "....and He said 'Let the one of you who is without sin cast the first stone!'. And a rock came out of the mob and hit the woman square on the noggin. And Jesus said, 'Mother, I'm trying to make a point here....!'"

* Biden is no dummy.... for a dummy cannot speak. Alas.

* What came first, the chicken or the egg? Answer: The egg, laid by the last of the protochickens.

* Now, remember, bird, as soon as we get over the top of Mount Doom, you drop the ring into the lava. 'k? (Of course, nobody would have read THAT short story!)

* Which reminds me of the world’s shortest Star Trek episode, entitled "The Logical Thing To Do." Sarek: "you’re WHAT?" Amanda: "You heard me!" (Roll end credits.)

* It sez here:   Sandra Fluke: ‘‘I’d rather be a captive Nigerian girl than touched by a Republican’’ duhprogressive.com Shudder. At least now the people of California have spoken, and Ms. Fluke has taken her rightful place somewhere insignificant on the ashheap of history. Good riddance.

* Accepting the specious* equating of opposition to gay marriage with anti-gay violence opens the door to persecution of religious believers because they will not submit to a bogus law. (*"Specious": lawyerese for "bullshit.")

* No matter how bad Obama is–and he is unimaginably bad–the next Democrat President will be even worse. Even Hillary.

* If Republicans were stuffing the ballot boxes the Democrats would turn the country upside down to stop it.

* You call the GOP obstructionist? Of course we are. We must be obstructionist to treason, madness and evil. Not to mention theft, plunder, and self-aggrandizement.

* PS if the people didn't want the GOP to obstruct they wouldn't have elected them.

* In the end, Obama but one of several items on the floor of the Augean Stables. Time to commence the river-diversion project.

* No, not buying that Jesus is coming here any time soon. If the Universe is 13.7 billion years old, then the Second Coming in the year 20,000 AD is still "soon" by the Cosmic scale. I’m not looking for Jesus to come here any time soon. (Much more likely I will go see HIM. But, alas, likely for no more than a few minutes.)

More Thursday.

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