Monday, October 13, 2014

Plague(?) Diary Entry 005: Not A Space Suit

In light of today's bad news--another Ebola-Positive patient in Texas, this time one of the nurses that treated our Patient Zero, who was infected in spite of the measures taken. 

This is bad.

The above is an image from the 1970 movie THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN--my very first science fiction movie, I might add. The woman is wearing an isolation suit for treating an individual with a contagious disease. You crawl through a sort of a doorway through a sort of corridor in the back (note arrow).

It's a bit awkward as you have this accordion thingie going directly behind you to the entranceway. On the other hand, YOU ARE COMPLETELY ISOLATED FROM THE PATIENT (and the handy-dandy glass space helmet blocks all spittle and other body fluids from reaching you).

As long as the suit is not breached, you're OK. And if it is, you just cut the seal behind you, lock the door, and join the patient in the bed next to him. FORWARD THIS. Maybe someone in the business will get a clue and set some up before we all die as we bleed from our orifices.

PS. I'm not trying to spread unfounded fear by writing on this subject. All I'm doing is pointing out that this is the sort of thing they need to be doing NOW. This is 1970s technology. USE IT!

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  1. Post #4, anecdotal at best, panic inducing at worst:


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