Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Plague(?) Diary Entry 0003: He's Dead, Jim

Thomas Eric Duncan, who came to the US to see his relatives, and brought them a present, is now an ex-parrot. He is pining for the fjords.

May he rest in peace.

What is relevant about the deceased Ebola patient in Dallas is two things they won't talk about in the news:
1. They don't have a complete list of who he was in contact with.

2. In spite of his being THE ONLY Ebola patient in that part of the continent, and the investment of huge amounts of money and medical resources to keep him alive*, he died anyway--which means that if they can't save HIM now, they won't be able to save anyone else, especially if/when people start dying in quantity.

*They had to keep him alive for (a) public morale (b) so that he could be prosecuted for criminal entry into the US and (c) so they could learn how to do it again for others. They failed on all three counts.

"This is bad." - Jack Dawson

One of my friends said: "Well, I'm not traveling to Ebola any time soon, mister!"  My response: "It's not a matter of YOU going to Ebola, but the converse."

Another friend pointed out: "Here's another thought never mentioned: Ebola has "outbreaks". That means that it goes dormant. Like flu. And it's a virus, constantly mutating. It doesn't do any good to panic, or worry needlessly, but this could be much more dangerous than the government will reveal."

Quite possibly.
From the irreplaceable  Jonathan V. Last at the Weekly Standard:

Once upon a time President Obama was forced to lecture the excitable, tabloid-obsessed public about what a nothingburger Ebola was. The chances of the virus ever reaching the United States were "extremely low." He continued, "In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we've taken new measures so that we're prepared here at home... . we have world-class facilities and professionals ready to respond. And we have effective surveillance mechanisms in place."         
That was two weeks ago. Two. Weeks. To paraphrase the great Derek Smalls, at this point, I raise a practical question: How bad could this get? Because I'm about 72 hours away from ordering my Costco survivalist food buckets.  And as Matt Continetti argues, the case for panic is pretty convincing....

I'd print more but this is all the copyright people will allow.

There's more from him along this line here.

Bompity bompity bomp. Lord have mercy on us.


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