Thursday, October 9, 2014

Extracts From The Little-Read Book: Chapter 028

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* It sez here: The 10 Most Dishonest Professions ( I've been a lawyer for ten years and not ONCE has a client sat on my side of the desk. Just damn. I must be doing something wrong. Or right. As they say, 99% of lawyers give 1% of us a bad name.

* I can remember going to Mass in 1999 and watching the elderly father of a dear friend of mine when the congregation sang this horribly heretical hymn entitled "Let Us Sing a New Church." Poor man, he looked like they were performing a spinal tap on him. (I know I did. Not fond of singing heresy at Mass.)

* It sez here: Obama to reportedly delay any executive action on immigration until after elections ( This is the BEST possible news.

He blinked.

(Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. What's the best possible news. He don't dare try it now he won't try it then.)

* It sez here: Mexican military chopper crosses the border, shoots at agents ( Within 100 yards of border. In the middle of the night. During and drug interdiction operation. There are two possibilities. 1 Mexico is planning on inviting the United States. 2 Mexican army pilots aren't very good at navigating in the middle of the night. Second note... Helicopter pilots often wear night vision goggles While piloting aircraft. The problem with night vision goggles is that they don't provide accurate information as regards three-dimensional distance. I wore those things myself. I know I put myself at risk of being called an apologist for Mexican aggression, however I think it is a safe bet that Mexico is not trying to invade the United States.

* A friend of mine brought this to my attention: Science Fiction Fan (SFF) community reeling after Marion Zimmer Bradley's daughter accuses her of abuse ( As a big MZB fan, she was now tormented that her favorite childhood author was a child rapist. She asked her friends what to do with the books. I told her: "Burning books is a bad habit to get into. Don't. Give her books away if you must. I'd stick them all in a box and bury them in your archives. Perhaps in 20 years you can enjoy them again."

* The Iranians want to send a UN delegate who invaded the embassy??? Good. Let’s inform college students living in Greenwich Village that he opposes gay marriage. They should then invade his consulate and take him hostage. Problem solved.

* FGM is a hideous subject. But.... but.... hideous as it is, remember: while FGM IS practiced in Muslim countries, it is also practiced in backward NON-ISLAMIC (read "animist") areas in Africa. It's also been part (I understand) of Egyptian culture since the Pharaohs. This is not a Muslim mandated savagery--it is cultural to a particular territory, most but not all of which has a majority Muslim presence. It’s still evil. (And anyone who tries to ‘practice’ here deserves life in prison.)  But DON'T blame it on Islam. The vast majority of  Muslims hate it as much as we do.

* From the School of Game of Thrones: never, Never, NEVER go to a "colored wedding." Like "Purple." Or "Red."

* Ah, Joe McCarthy. A drunken fool, an idiot, and 100% accurate. How was that possible? McCarthy's assistant was Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn prosecuted the Rosenberg spies. Cohn was fed accurate information about Communists from US Army intelligence. All McCarthy's information on Communists was stone dead accurate. How do we know? Wikipedia: "Venona" (mark well the spelling) was a US Signals Intelligence project that allowed us to spy in Russian spy signals–in real time. We knew who those people were. And someone in the system.... talked.

* "I recall a planet where those elected to office went to prison FIRST. 'It saves time.'" - John M. Ford

* It sez here: Children With Down Syndrome Tell Mom About the Happy Life Her Son Will Have ( Remember that many many people would, um, exterminate every last living Downs child in the world...and it's the primary reason they hate Sarah Palin so much. And they’ve pretty much succeeded too. Down kids suffer a 90% abortion rate world wide (only moderately lower here in the States).

* I have no patience for drug-addicted THC "activists".

* When it comes to border control, well, the Israelis have the right idea. I favor building a similar wall along the US Border with Mexico--not to keep out the Mexicans as such, but to keep out nukes. Today all you need to do is wrap your nuke in marijuana and there you are.

* My favorite Churchill joke: at Yalta, Churchill and his political opponent Clement Atlee were both in attendance as British elections were underway (Churchill lost, but that came later.) Anyway, one afternoon Atlee was in the men’s room, standing at the trough doing his business. Churchill came in and moved to the far end to do his. "Feeling standoffish are we, eh, Winston?" said Atlee, who liked and understood him. "Absolutely," growled Churchill. "Every time you socialists see something big you want to nationalize it!"

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