Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Extracts From The Little-Read Book: Chapter 027

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Democrats are treasonous? Without exception?  Um, we can't regard the majority party in this country as inherently treasonous. We simply can't. It's not true.

* The red-diaper babies that run the thing are NOT the Democrats as a whole. Not all dems in office want to take your guns. I know it's hard to believe but it's true.

* The problem is that the red diapers are running the show. They're not everyone. )

* I really despise the PC use of ‘BCE’ instead of ‘BC’ and ‘CE’ instead of ‘AD.’ I can see ONE legitimate use for CE and BCE: Jewish religious writings. (Religious Jews understandably have a little problem with saying "Our Lord" in relation to Christ.) However, I agree that use by anyone else is either bigotry or a terrorized victim of PC thought.

* Too Much Lawlessness For Eric Holder? DOJ Argues Against "Right to Attorney" For Illegals (dcgazette.com) The US Supremes long ago found a right to counsel under the 14th Amendment for legal AND illegal immigrants (due process and all that) on criminal matters but NOT APPOINTED counsel for immigration matters. It might seem strange the US Govt is fighting against counsel for immigrants.... but. It is more complicated than that.

Immigration attorneys have been seeking the mandatory appointment of attorneys for removable aliens for the longest time. Good luck with that.

* Radical Islamists want to destroy America? Yeah, well, that's nice. And we want to reciprocate. This is news?

* Cruz to Introduce Bill to Stop Americans Who Join ISIS From Returning to United States (cruz.senate.gov) There is already laws against joining terror groups. And I remember the Soviets revoked Solzhenitsyn's citizenship before they threw him out. We don't want to go there, do we?

* Auschwitz was a choice. So was slavery.

* The life of the diplomat requires the social skills of the extrovert and the depth of understanding of the introvert. (I was never very good at part 'A'.)

* President Bush couldn't correctly spell stragegery on the first try but he always had one.

* Obama may be able to spell the word but he wouldn't know what one was if it bit him in the.... um..... nose.

* Is nothing sacred? Forest Service says drop chocolate, add fruit to your s'mores (foxnews.com) Let 'em suggest whatever the hell they want. Just ignore them.

* Why does Al Qaida hate the ISIL? They can’t decide who’s in charge. IOW: "I'm the Caliph!" "No, *I*'m the Caliph!" "No, *I* am!" "No, *I* am!" etc. Antipopes without a Pope.

* My middle son has almost memorized the "THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM" section of 1984. I think he's off to a good start history-wise.

* "The problem with the Internet is that you can never be sure of the provenance of quotes."  - Abe Lincoln

* There is a common phenomenon in politics: the "sacrificial lamb." Occasionally, a combination of friendly district drawing, overwhelming political support and fundraising dominance will make an incumbent completely unbeatable. Hence, quality challengers will NOT run to challenge him, and the only ones that do are either (a) dutiful party serving droids who will take one on the chin for the cause, or (b) attention-hungry maniacs who want to become more famous than they deserve. The former get my endless respect. The latter? Notsomuch.

* Praying family: "We thank you Jesus for our food."

* Migrant farm worker in field: "De nada."

* The people who built Auschwitz were not Muslims.

* The people that built the Gulag were not Muslims.

* The people that built Majdanek were not Muslims.

* The people that built the Laogai were not Muslims.

* The people who nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not Muslims.

* The people that destroyed Tenochtitlan were not Muslims.

* The people that operate American abortion clinics are not Muslims....

....I take it you get the point.

* Term limits? H E L L NO!!!!! We have those kind of term limits in Michigan; they have turned the state legislature into a lobbyists rubberstamp, since only the lobbyists have institutional memory. We have term limits, two years for congressmen, six for senators. If the PEOPLE don't object the PEOPLE can reelect as many times as the PEOPLE want.

* You can't always get what you want.... you can't always get what you want.... you can't always get what you want.... But if you try sometime you just might find.... You get what you need.

* Gene Simmons: ‘Rock Is Finally Dead’ (loudwire.com) Gene Simmons hit the nail on the head. Today's music seriously sucks, it uses the 'F' word far too much, and ... it's just noise. And rockers? Where are the young ones? At least the young ones that don't have six earrings in their nose, a goth girlfriend, and no talent?

* I don't support illegal immigration at all. I don't want a single one to cross the border. But: we had better figure out a way to deal with the ones here--particularly the ones here for a long time--without rousting 12 million people from our borders. The problem is that I see NO WAY of getting rid of 12 million people for the sake of a misdemeanor violation without betraying who we are as a country.

* I got Saint Joan of Arc - Which Saint Are You? (quizsocial.com) Santa Muerte.

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