Thursday, October 30, 2014

Extracts from the Little-Read Book: Chapter 033

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Middle Offspring came home from Freshman World History Honors a few weeks ago. His teacher went to great lengths to explain how using "BCE" and "CE" instead of "BC" and "AD" showed you were not a religious bigot. I then spent dinner telling him how enforced use of "BCE" and "CE" showed HE (the teacher) was an ANTI-RELIGIOUS bigot. Middle Offspring squirmed uncomfortably. (....It's gonna be a long year.)

* It sez here: Fast Food Strikes Coming To 150 Cities, Organizers Say ( AUTOMATION NOW! AUTOMATION NOW! AUTOMATION NOW! WE WANT MORE ROBOTS! WE WANT MORE ROBOTS! $10 BIG MACS! $10 BIG MACS! Fools. Every damned one of them. And note well: Burger flipping: NOT a career... never intended to be a career. Don’t like it get another job. Or stay in school.

* "That's what your mother said." POW! TO THE MOON, ALICE!

* I'm more of the opinion that the Antichrist is not one person but an office. The Walkin' Dude, as Stephen King calls him. He wears different faces from century to century but he’s pretty much the same guy. You’d think Satan would show more diversity.

* It sez here: Visa Program Struggles to Track Missing Foreign Students ( I often hear my fellow conservatives, who want LESS government, scream for the strict policing of visa holders so that those who are out of status are arrested the morning their visa goes bad. Fools. Fools! Inefficient bureaucracy guarantees freedom. And sometimes the price of freedom is someone you don’t like getting one over on the system.

* It sez here: Angelina Jolie would play me in the story of my life! Who would play you? ( Divine.

* It sez here: Depression may not be caused by a lack of serotonin: study ( No. It's not. It's caused by following the news.

* It sez here: Yes, Ted Cruz IS eligible to serve as president ( We need Ted Cruz like we need a hole in the head. TOO YOUNG! (Same with Scott Walker in Wisonsin.) I just want them to run someone old enough to recognize a communist when they see or hear one.
* I know of a land that has no dead bodies on it from massacres. It is called the moon. Antarctica is also 100% war free. For now.

* Those new electronic gizmos on cop cars that read your license plate and cross reference your plate with your driving record and list of overdue library books is perfectly legal in Macomb County. Found that one out one day after plates expired. Again: Perfect enforcement is perfect tyranny. Enforce the old fashioned way and dump the electronic surveillance stuff. And put down the goddamn donut.

* And while we’re on the subject: every Stingray in the country must be destroyed. Not return to the federal government, destroyed. And I'm not referring to bicycles or Corvettes. Read it and fear.

* It Sez Here: Instapundit » Blog Archive » CHANGE: Jeff Bezos Replaces WaPo Publisher With Politico...( So they replace a fourth-generation aristo-kakocrat with a pluto-kakocrat. Somehow I see no improvement.

* For those who wonder why I truly fear Ebola: My grandfather A. Leo Kent--a funeral director--nearly bankrupted AND killed himself burying people in the Great Flu. We lost half a million people in eight weeks: the single greatest disaster America has ever known and it's barely remembered. My greatest nightmare (and I mean this literally, it wakes me often) is a similar horror.

* Pitchfork Pat Buchanan thinks that the US should never have gotten involved in WW2. Or WW1. Bah. All you have to do is play a wargame (say Avalon Hill's old "1914" or "The Guns of August") without the USA and watch the world we know melt before your eyes. Or better yet, play "Third Reich", be a Pat Buchanan fantasist and keep the US out, then watch Russia take Brest in 1946. Not the one in Poland--the one in France.†

*†(I have always been amused that Europe has two 'Brest's :) ).

*  "Don’t say nasty things about Pat Buchanan. He lost a relative in the Holocaust, falling out of a guard tower." (Not mine but I wish it was.)

* The F-35 project will cost a trillion dollars in 50 years. That’s about right. How many do we get for that kind of moolah? Can't give exact numbers but they're intended to replace ALL of our fighter aircraft in ALL SERVICES, carrier based, land based, air force, navy, army, marine, will be F-35s. This design is intended to fly until well past 2050. The idea is to have fundamental interoperability and part replacement for all craft in the services. A wrecked Navy F-35 is supposed to provide spare parts for an Air Force plane.

* It sez here: Nancy Pelosi to receive Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood ( Next up: San Fran Nan will receive the Juan Corona Award for achievements in population control. (This is a real award, BTW. The California lower house so recognized serial killer Corona in 1979.... seems some legislator wanted to make a point about how they were passing laws without reading them. The elders of the House were not amused.)

* Do not think "they" are the problem. The problem is right here and the cause is the man in the mirror. "The line between good and evil does not run between 'us' and 'them' but runs down the middle of each human heart." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Harvard Lecture, 1978

* Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, so long as they submit properly filled out I-130s, I-485s, I-601s, I-601As, I-212s, G-28, G-325As (four copies each for petitioner and spouse), I-864s for spouse and co-sponsor, I-864A for spouse of co-sponsor, I-693 medical forms (latest edition only; all previous editions obsolete and will be rejected), $420.00 filing fee for the I-130, $1070.00 for the I-485, $585 for the I-601, $585.00 for the I-212..... Filing for a green card is like breeding elephants. Everything is done with a lot of trumpeting, decisions are made at a high level, and you don't get results for two years.

* Whenever there is a final solution, government is the cause.

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  1. As usual, I appreciate your wit -- but your last bullet irked me in a way that made my brain shiver. I have a bit to think about before I come back and post.


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