Thursday, October 16, 2014

Extracts from The Little-Read Book: Chapter 030

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* It sez here that Almost 900 doctors sign Dublin Declaration, affirm abortion is not maternal health ( Well they can kiss their licenses goodbye!

* Loaded Rifle Found in Carry-On Bag at DFW Airport ( Something like 100 million people flew from American airports each year. Statistically gotta happen.

* "I told you I loved you on the day we got married and if I change my mind I'll let you know."

* There is a major difference between a marriage that may be invalid and a marriage that is certainly null ab initio .... plus a movement that engages in THIS kind of behavior is one that a Christian must oppose.....

* I’m not judgmental. I send nobody to hell (got too many sins to my name for the job). I simply warn that there (a) is a moral horizon and (b) some dance too close to it for their own good.

* More importantly however the refusal to stand up for the teachings of Christ when it counts--well, I recall something from Revelations about what happens when ye are neither hot nor cold.

* It sez here: The Orcas Have a New Baby At Last - First One in Two Years for the Southern Resident Orcas! { I'll remember to rejoice when it bites me in half.

* Christ defined marriage as one male, one female, binary and immutable. Go tell Him He lied to you.

* Mark 10. That is all.

* It sez here:  Muslims in Michigan denounce the Islamic State as "enemies of humanity" ( You've been waiting for it. You've demanded it. "Why won't the Muslims denounce the extremists?" Here it is. And the first person to say "Taqiyya" can go jump in the lake. (As for their possible insincerity: They need to at least start to make a try at it. Mind you the crowd DOES need to be larger.....but the journey of a thousand miles etc.)

* So we shouldn't ever enforce any moral laws ever? After all that would be so judgmental.

* Barack Obama Could Be Facing 10 Years to Life in Prison ( Nope. Pardon city. "I have to think of future presidents." - President Boehner

* I can (barely) forgive Obama for Obamacare, for the fall of Iraq, for the death of Ambassador Stevens, even for pushing counterfeit "marriage" on the population.

All of these are reversible.

But if Ebola gets loose and established in the population, for that there shall be no forgiveness.

* If you accuse me of being mentally ill for holding the views I do you are simply too evil to deal with. People like that are why God invented the ‘Block’ function.

* A pet leftist is useful to perform experiments on but eventually it gets nettlesome to have him around.

* There’s a publishing house responsible for most hymnals in the United States: The Oregon Catholic Press (OCP).

RoboCop was created by OmniConsumer Products (OCP).

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!!!

(I can remember going to Mass in 1999 and watching the elderly father of a dear friend of mine when the congregation sang this horribly heretical hymn from OCP entitled "Let us sing a new church." The poor man, he looked like they were performing a spinal tap on him. "God saw the Church had no persecutors so He gave her liturgists.")

* In the Byzantine liturgy they make a point of praying for all the different kinds of Saints..."Forefathers, fathers, patriarchs, prophets, apostles, preachers, evangelists, confessors, ascetics and just spirits made perfect in the faith." No surprisingly, you will note there is no category for "fat right wing lawyers from Michigan."

*  It sez here: What Are You Most Inclined To Be Addicted To? ( Supreme executive power. Duh.

* Road sign for the Twenty-Teens: CAUTION MEN TWERKING

* I have this set of tin scales in my office... the "Scales of Justice." Hah. I've always felt that if that were an honest symbol of American justice there would be a huge pile of money in one no money in the other and the scale would tilt accordingly

* The story goes that the young, future Kaiser Wilhelm II was studying naval engineering. As his senior project, he designed the world's largest, most heavily crewed battleship, six times the size of its nearest competitor, with a crew of 8000 and 20 16' guns, with 30'' of armor. It would have been the most powerful ship on the seas .... if it weren't for the fact that if built it would have sunk like a rock.

See you Tuesday.

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