Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Extracts from The Little-Read Book: Chapter 020

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* As we approach 9/11/14, we remember the guys who blew up the Trade Center in 1993, how they tried to get a rebate or refund for the blowed up truck, and how laughably easy it was to capture them. And how we laughed at them afterwards. | Ha ha in freakin' deed....Imagine. Thinking that you could bring down the Twin Towers with a U-Haul! Absurd.

Unfortunately, crazy stupid and angry people can also be quite persistent. Alas.

* It sez here that "Girl Scouts Join Planned Parenthood at Huge Pro-Abortion Conference" (lifenews.com) Anyone who thinks the Hitler Youth was abolished needs to think again.

* Yes my last name is Kent and my mother was named Martha. However: I only turn into Superman under certain circumstances none of which involve phone booths...

*  Serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The bronto in the living room!

* I remember a planet where Captain Kirk told an inhabitant: "You can't base your government on ... comedy routines!" The inhabitant replied: "Oh, really? I thought it was quite common. Not by that name of course."

* There were corrupt priests in the middle ages too. Back then however the stereotype was that the priests were screwing *girls.*

* It Sez Here: Secret Service agents in Obama's Europe detail sent home washingtonpost.com Drunk Secret Service peeps is an old story. Just ask Abe Lincoln.

* You complain that there are people running around with visas that expired last week. Oh well.    An immigration system so strict as to arrest someone the day after his visa expired would require a Gestapo. And if one thinks DHS would restrict their law-enforcement powers to going after illegal aliens in that circumstance, that person is already the very slave they're looking to turn us all into.

* Give me a theocrat over an atheocrat, seven days/week and twice, um, on Sunday. Theocrats think they're above everyone but God. An Atheocrat thinks he's above everyone including God. An atheocrat is free to kill whoever he wants, whenever he wants, if he thinks he can get away with it. A theocrat answers at least to God. An atheocrat answers to nobody. Hence the bloodiness of the last 100 years. (Mao's agrimurders were founded on the belief that his people were mere ants to do his will. That's atheism through and through.)

* Boxcars to the borders? Read up on what happened to the Bosniacs in Serbia in 1992 and then get back to me.

* Bitcoin is nothing more than an electronic tulip bulb, except a real tulip bulb at least makes a pretty flower. And can be eaten in a pinch.

* Jimmy Carter is clearly a partial birth abortion survivor. Someone sucked out his brain and threw it in a toilet at birth.

* Ah but Nixon was WHAT party again?

* The emperor is both naked and ugly.

* Early memory: bobby pin + wall plug = unhappy little me. I remember it vividly. I think was about two.

* It sez here that "Liberal New Republic suggests Obama use military against Tea Party"  Be careful what you wish for, New Republic. You. may. get. it.

* "It's not magic, it's logic. Some great wizards are totally helpless when it comes to logic." - Hermione Granger

* The UN is an instrument for the nations of the world to gabble while the five Veto Powers do what they want. Which they do anyway.

More Thursday.

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