Thursday, September 4, 2014

Extracts from The Little-Read Book: Chapter 019

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Ah, McCarthy. A drunken fool, an idiot, and 100% accurate.

How is that possible? Wasn’t he a drunken fool, an idiot, and a liar?

No. Here is the real truth about Joe McCarthy.

McCarthy's assistant was Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn prosecuted the Rosenberg spies. Cohn was fed accurate information about Communists from US Army intelligence. All McCarthy's information on Communists was stone dead accurate.

How do we know? Wikipedia: "Venona" (mark well the spelling) was a US Signals Intelligence project that allowed us to spy in Russian spy signals–in real time. We knew who those people were. And someone in the system.... talked.

* It sez here: Children With Down Syndrome Tell Mom About the Happy Life Her Son Will Have  Remember that many many people....would exterminate every last living Downs child in the world.(....and it's the primary reason they hate Sarah Palin so much.) And they've pretty much succeeded too. 90% abortion rate world wide (only moderately lower here in the States).

* I have no patience for drug-addicted THC "activists".

* Build the Great Wall of Texas. The Israelis have the right idea. I favor building a similar wall along the US Border with Mexico--not to keep out the Mexicans as such, but to keep out nukes. Today all you need to do is wrap your nuke in marijuana and there you are.

* If you rewrite My Fair Lady so that Professor Higgins was (say) Condoleeza Rice and Eliza Doolittle was (say) named Rufus Willis, American street dude.... you'd probably have a riot on your hands

* Quote of the Day: "I made two mistakes in my time as President- and one of them is sitting on the Supreme Court." --President Dwight Eisenhower describing his misgivings about nominating Earl Warren- presumed to be a staunch conservative- to the Supreme Court, where Warren quickly showed he was very much aligned with the liberals Earl Warren was the man who sent the Japanese to American concentration camps.... and spent the rest of his life repenting it. At other people's expense.

* Every dollar not taxed is a personal abomination to a leftist.

* Me, I rely on the church that Christ personally founded. For all its faults, well, Catholicism is the worst church in the world except for all the alternatives.

* You complain about amnesty: "What about all the people waiting in line lawfully?" For them, sorry.

Really. People get all upset about "illegal aliens voting." Yet they're eager to give a "vote" TO PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T EVEN COME HERE YET.

If we decide to give a break to people already here as a matter of public good and public security, those waiting patiently in line get absolutely no say whatsoever. Hiding behind 'people waiting in line' is lower than sphagnum moss.

* I hear sneers at the word "amnesty" for illegals. Well the illegals are here because we murdered 55 million people, half of whom would be working adults now. The parents of the aborted *got* their amnesty!

* From Wikipedia: "During this spring frenzy, hares can be seen "boxing"; one hare striking another with its paws (probably the origin of the term "mad as a March hare"). For a long time, this had been thought to be intermale competition, but closer observation has revealed it is usually a female hitting a male to prevent copulation." Yeah, I know what that's like.

* I'm not worried about the eternal effect of my failing my Catholic pieties. Christ knows--literally--He has so much to pick from if He's looking for a reason to send me to the down escalator.

* The theft of the Crimea by Russia is intolerable. That can’t become the new normal What if we were to invade Canada? America invading other countries to expand territory and incorporate them into the US radically violates international norms. We did it that way in the 19th century. So did the Russians. We're not supposed to do that any more. Neither are they. And Ukraine is not Russia.

* It sez here that "White House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of climate agenda... We're all gonna be made to go vegan. It's part of the agenda.

* "I recall a planet where those elected to office went to prison FIRST. 'It saves time.'"

More Tuesday.

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