Monday, September 15, 2014

Religious Tolerance
in the Detroit Metro Area:
Not What It Seems

I saw this sign today in Dearborn Heights. (The Druze are a spinoff of Islam, considered heretics by most mainstream Muslims.)

Read the cutline below: "God Bless America."

Translation into English: "We're Druze, not Muslims. Please don't burn us down."

You also see similar signs in Arab Christian liquor stores in metro Detroit: prominent pictures of Jesus and Mary, which don't sell much in the way of liquor but may act as arson deterrents.

They're not the only ones. Take the Sikhs. In the days that followed 9/11, there was one (1) retaliatory murder nationwide, and it happened RIGHT HERE in the Detroit area: a Sikh liquor store owner was shot because he wore a turban. Some lumpensuburban white goons wanted payback. They got it. There is a Sikh temple here in town. It (now) has a very large American flag painted on one of its outside walls.

What worries me is the unspoken assumption that they'll be harmed if they don't publicly declare their pro-Americanness.

God bless America, indeed. (((facepalm))

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