Friday, September 19, 2014

Land of Hope and Glory.... Still.....!

My Irish grandmother would be enraged, but let me celebrate the decision by the good people of Scotland to say 'no' to independence.

The Island of Great Britain is a world power because they're united, as one. The UK would disappear within a decade if the Scots left, and England would become that worthless backwater it was in 1065.

Not that there aren't many people who would be delighted to see this happen. The following cartoon--from the Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy--illustrates that this has been a threat for more than 40 years....

And why?

The Scots nationalists--the ones who ORGANIZED the movement--are not nationalists at all. They're leftists and they're sick of being vetoed by Conservatives and right wingers in the rest of the country. Scotland would be 90+ Labour forever if independent (i.e., they're for the necro-leftists here to adopt the same tactic.)

Anyway. Lefties or not, I must congratulate everyone on BOTH sides for their civility. No Voters Were Harmed In The Making Of This Plebiscite.

God bless the British people--all of 'em!--and God Save the Queen!

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