Thursday, September 25, 2014

Extracts From The Little-Read Book: Chapter 024

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Okay, today’s LRB rant is brought to you by the deaths of three of my friends from cocaine and/or heroin overdoses since January. I’m pissed.

* What do we do with dealers? Throw away the key–unless you’re famous. Or have a good lawyer. Take Tim Allen. Tim Allen--the movie actor--was caught with a pound of cocaine in his car. Under the old 'one strike' law here in Michigan, he would have gotten LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. He had a good lawyer who kicked it to Federal court, he served 28 months. A good lawyer always helps. Course it also helps if you’re rich to begin with.

* OTOH, much of Federal drug law is cruel and unusual, and the fact that 1 lb of crack has been punished far more harshly than 1 lb of powder blow is a racist obscenity as a pound of crack is rarely found on white people, yet contains no more cocaine than a pound of regular cocaine does.

* Then there’s meth. Meth is a terrible drug and it ruins lives. Prison is only half the risk. What it does to the grey spongy stuff between the ears is generally irreparable. Ever deal with methheads? MJ just makes you stupid, but it's reversible, meth puts your grey matter through the blender and it really isn't reversible unless you're forced to be clean at gunpoint for years... which is what prison does.....

* But as for active involvement in the drug trade, particularly involvement in activities that lead to the death of customers, rivals or less-than-solvent organization members, I favor the harshest possible punishment. That's bad stuff.

* But as for turning the drug trade over to Big Pharma, Big Tobacco or the state or federal government by "legalizing" it . . . no. thank. you.

* America is made up of the troublemakers of the world. We have far more criminals per capital because we also have far more hypersuccessful people per capita. We are the descendants of the world's troublemakers... we came here because our ancestors weren't happy being in the villages they grew up in. (And yes, some were brought here as slaves, too--but the ones who were brought here as slaves were generally taken in war, so same principle applied.) I don't believe that this makes us "better" than anyone--just "different." But it does likely give us more geniuses AND criminals per capita than anyone else.

* It sez here: Asking the Right Questions about Pot Just a little example of the connection between alcohol use and human nature.... that ancient Hebrew inscription they deciphered a few weeks ago... was a mark on a jug of wine indicating that it was el cheapo plonck.... "Mogen David 20/20".... :) Seriously, when you can find a 3000 year old village with empty Mr. Zig Zag paper containers, then we can talk about the social equivalence of widespread alcohol use and widespread MJ smoking.

* I don't care what the Michigan Supremes have to saw about the lawfulness of baked driving. I say that as a matter of public policy, public safety and my own personal survival, I don't want to share the road with a baked driver, any more than I want to share the road with a drunk driver. His toke, my life. No thank you.

* We think life is about pleasure and wealth. It's about growth, education and suffering--the cake we become is made up of the ingredients of what we are, what we put in our heads, "baked" by the suffering we endure in experience. Nobody rides for free and nobody gets out alive. (Excepting maybe Elijah. Even Jesus didn't get out alive!) Art from someone who never suffered is puerile. So is a soul.

* One of the reasons I tremble at the thought of occupying a public office myself is being held responsible on the Day of Judgment for *every* public decisions I might have to make. Imagine you're (say) a judge. You see (say) 1000 defendants/year who plea (98%) or go to trial. You serve on the bench for 20 years. That's 20,000 people you've sentenced to jail. You have a 1% screwup rate (about the same as a good automotive engineer or light-bulb maker). That means that there are 200 people you have sentenced unjustly....

* But hey, party on, Darth. As it says in the Bible..... "Let he who is stoned cast the first sin".

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