Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Came across THIS story on my Facebok feed yesterday.

VIDEO: Thugs Beat White Girl Senseless For Carrying A Confederate Flag

Gist of the story is that a little teen pretty white girl (OF COURSE--if she weren't pretty it wouldn't be news), aged about 14, was assaulted by some black kids and they beat the crap out of her. Her offense was carrying a Confederate flag where they could see it, supposably while going to a VFW party.

What’s fascinating is the source of the story: a Local Fox news reporter interviewed her in front of the city police station and a VFW where she was going when she was assaulted. But somehow, the date of the attack wasn't given, and the location--"Warren"--was given without context. What state? And when? That was unclear too.

They looked awfully familiar.

Well, boy howdy.

Turns out that this story... from AMERICANNEWS.COM, a "patriotic" web site, was republishing a story from TWO THOUSAND FREAKING NINE and happened RIGHT HERE IN WARREN, MICHIGAN.

Not that you'd find out from the story.


In other words: this story was from an AWFULLY long time ago. The 95 lb teenager has probably all but forgotten the incident.

Oh, and there's something else: the story carried THIS picture as the click-bait:

The "video" is NOT what you see in the pic above. ^^^ THIS gal is NOT the gal in the news story.  In other words, it's a lie.

So: why are these jerks dredging up this horror story from half a decade ago?

Only one answer: these assholes at AMERICANNEWS.COM are trying to generate white racist animosity as a follow up to Ferguson, MO.

Now, since this event took place in Warren Michigan–which is kind of sandwiched between my two home towns in Macomb County, Michigan–I need to rise in defense of what happened here. Yes, it happened, but it happened a LONG TIME AGO, and (as they say) "I question the motives" (and the timing!) of this ancient history.

All I can say is this: If those boys at AMERICANNEWS want to stir the shit-pot, they should be forced to lick the spoon.


  1. Thank you. I was trying to research the same Facebook post, and could find nothing but the same article. I could tell something about it was bogus, but without the original article, I couldn't prove anything. Racial tensions are getting out of control. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to propagate the any issue any further, but it is obvious (to any discerning mind) that this is precisely what's been happening for some time. Again, thank you. There should be some legal recourse for intentionally misrepresented news reports like this.

  2. Two words: Click-bait.

    And someone out there in Internet Land really, really hates black people.

  3. I found that Brad Edwards, the reporter in the video, left Fox-2 in 2010 but not much else. Thanks for the link to I hate scum like those at They are trash.


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