Thursday, August 7, 2014

Extracts from the Little-Read Book: Chapter 011.

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* "He said, 'blessed are the cheesemakers!'" "Clearly a metaphorical reference to all makers of dairy products."

* Menopause led to the invention of the grandmother, the foundation of civilization. Grandmothers led to the development of the toy industry, and all else followed.

* It sez here: Wayne County Clerk: John Conyers not qualified for Aug. 5 ballot But of course he was, and he won again anyway. (I can just imagine the court hearing. "Your Honor, don’t you know who this guy IS, ferChrissake? Geeeeez!") So he won anyway. But still. I should note that a section of Washington Boulevard has been renamed in his "honor." That done, I tend to believe that he needs to take his marbles and go home. If he's more important than George Washington, he's done what he came to do.

* We're big on superheroes in my house. I keep telling my kids that I thank God there are no superheroes. If there were superheroes, they'd become famous through their physical superpowers, get rich through corporate or government sponsorship, go into politics, and wind up our masters. And on the way become indistinguishable from supervillains.

* EVERYONE loves the hair in North Korea. Or else.

* I don't judge people, I judge stances. And the stance that we should not protect democracy is flat wrong and people die unnecessarily when we refuse to do so.

* I might be moving to Montana soon.

* Typing. Best class I ever took in Jr. High school.... about the only one where I learned anything useful. Okay, moderately useful.

* Desegregation. Okay. What happened in Little Rock and what happened in Chicago and Detroit were radically different. In Little Rock blacks were not allowed to go to school AT ALL in a white school. They were so allowed in Chicago and Detroit; what happened there was overreaching social engineering that would have required a transport of students from one school to another dozens of miles away so as to achieve a "racial balance" pleasing to social engineers. This social engineering caused resistance that was not rooted in race hate but in the desire that students attend schools in the cities where they lived and in the schools the parents paid for. Radical difference. (Forced busing in Detroit was instituted but only resulted in white flight rendering the busing pointless.) Of course, in a day and age where defending yourself against a pot smoking paranoid anti-constitutionalist who happens to be black means that you happen to be a white racist, these fine distinctions are lost among the dim.

* Naaaah. Let's stay home. Who gives a hoot? What if they gave a war and nobody came.....? (Berthold Brecht. Smart man.)

* The true problem is not leftist knuckleheads who break windows, but rather the stringpullers for the knuckleheads... A knucklehead joins the black battalions and beats up on riot police and tries to burn a bank. The stringpuller organizes the protest but never shows up at the protest he organized. Whose evils are vast and manifest, but who are too intelligent to term knuckleheads.

* People don't breed. Animals breed. People have children and raise families. If you think people "breed" then your view of the human race needs a slight readjustment.

* I do find it regrettable that Chelsea married the son of MMM. I thought we were well rid of her. (And about her insane convict congresscritter husband the less said the better.)

* If the Tea Partiers think that America will give them unchallenged power, they're nuts. A place at the table is one thing. The only ones at the table -- not only another thing, but absurd. Not enough of them.

More Tuesday.

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