Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Extracts From The Little-Read Book: Chapter 014.

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Everyone serves a useful purpose. Take Attorney Joumana Kayrouz. Her task is to remind me what kind of a lawyer I don't want to become.

* Keep in mind, I'm only a serious Catholic–not necessarily a good one.

* It sez here that "I took Zimbio's 'Wizard of Oz' quiz and I'm The Scarecrow! Who are you?" zimbio.com The Horse of a Different Color. Or to hear many say, half of one.

* I remember seeing a "sculpture" in Monterey, California in the 1980s. It consisted of 30,000 little pyramids. "Each one represents a nuclear bomb," the 'sculptor' told me. I did some quick math. "Well, according to Solzhenitsyn, each one can also represent 2000 people murdered by the Communists." He looked at me balefully. "Fuck you, sir."

*  I learned that day Commies don't have much a sense of humor. Or math.

* Mitt spoke truth, always a political disaster. The 47% of the American electorate who now are yellow-dog Democrat voters..... who believe there is a 'war on women'.... who believe the GOP = Nazis.... who have no understanding of nor loyalty for the United States Constitution..... THAT is the problem. Obama was elected by that 47% plus 5% otherwise sensible people who have only just now woken up.

* Words have meaning. And if words don't have meaning only bullets have meaning.

* It sez here: This Is Exactly The Reason Some Guys Are Single Right Now themetapicture.com Why did my love life suck when I was single?
I was.... THESE guys.

* We are not (yet) morally obligated to send armed force to stop Russia from invading Ukraine--which is NOT a NATO nation. Estonia on the other hand....

* It sez here: "Tanning Salons Inspected More Often Than NYC Abortion Clinics" (breitbart.com) Of course. Tanning salons are not extermination camps. You think the Nazis ever inspected Treblinka to ensure OSHA compliance?

* It sez here: Landmark Settlement Reached In Preakness Arrest Case - CBS Baltimore baltimore.cbslocal.com It took a Supreme Court to make the cops realize that (a) they're public officials (b) executing public duties (c) in public, and if they want to do that they have to tolerate being filmed.

     Of course the next problem will be "I thought he had a gun, it was just a cel phone".

     Film at your own risk.

* I got a Lamborghini Aventador! Which Car Should You Actually Drive? www.buzzfeed.com The police seem to think I should be riding in a Crown Vic. Back seat. They'll provide the chauffeur.

* You know, being Obama's foot soldier requires one to twist himself into knots that would make a contortionist wince. How can you manage that at our age?

* First they denegrate you. Then they arrest you and send you to a detention camp. Then they shoot you. The key is to stop them after Stage 1.

More Thursday.

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