Thursday, August 14, 2014

Extracts From The Little-Read Book: Chapter 013.

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Why did we invade Iraq? Wellll.... Iraq was (a) invading Iran (b) invading Kuwait (c) gassing Kurdistan (d) attempting to assassinate one of our Presidents (e) defying international norms (f) making weapons of mass destruction (proven to exist in Syria). Other than that, it musta been to take over their oil fields. Right.

* I thought math professors were OK with the idea of objective truth. After all, pi cannot have its value changed even by the Supreme Court. Yet.

* "High court ruling favors prayer at council meeting." In other news the high court also ruled that water is wet. It is a sign of how bad things are to view such a ruling as a victory instead of a "so what ELSE is new?" moment.

* "Marrying a girl is like buying furniture. You want to acquire comfort but not something so glitzy that someone will want to steal it."

* " You're under arrest for drug evasion!" George Lucas was ahead of his time before he went to a galaxy far far away.

* So you think religion is a threat? Poppycock. The last 100 years hasn't been about berzerk religion killing hundreds of millions. It has been about berzerk atheism killing hundreds of millions.  Read some recent history.

* There's a problem with "viability." The proaborts keep screaming about "viability." We have already proven that viability is not an issue. How? By taking artificially inseminated eggs from one woman and raising them successfully in the womb of another. That means that the unborn, even as a blastocyst or even a fertilized egg, is a separate person from the mother; that its life begins when egg and sperm meet, and that terminating its life is terminating A life. Viability is a matter of technology only.

* "Transexual"? Get back to me when the you can turn Xs into Ys and Ys into Xs. Until then there's no such thing–just plumbing.

* I am a blob of cells. So are you.

* "What does not kill us makes us.... stranger."

* I have occasionally had an urge to send a picture of a male and female in flagrante delicto and send it to Lady Gaga, with a note: "No, lady, you were born THIS way."

* Those who don't believe in God had better pray that they are right. No, wait....

* Banning marijuana? Sorry, Mr. Libertarian. The people of the United States, and the state that you live in, DO have the right to make, through the democratic process, that decision for others. Hence: it's illegal. Furthermore, it *is* demonstrably more harmful per capita than alcohol. And remember the choice here is not between alcohol and MJ, it's between MJ and no MJ. The social harm that MJ causes has made it worthy of banning. A drunk who can also get high all the time is more dangerous than a drunk alone. And an MJ smoker who doesn't drink is more dangerous than that person to whom MJ is unavailable. No thank you. (What's the difference? Simple You sober up from liquor the next morning. Pot keeps you stupid for *weeks.*)

* "We have met the enemy and they is us." Pogo. Smart man.

* No, the people of the US are NOT our own worst enemy. But we're a close first runner up.

More Tuesday.

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