Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Extracts from the Little-Read Book: Chapter 012.

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Refusing to recognize evil for what it is out of laziness and indifference and calling your refusal to take a stand "nonjudgmentalism" means that when evil eats you people won't have a lot of sympathy.

* Tolkien speaks of orc-on-orc murder as being the "spirit of Mordor," not undermining Mordor but embodying its very essence. Just so. Just so.

* But the ones here? We gotta deal with it. Before they decide to take a piece of America with them. We can prevent a Kosovo here if we act soon. 20 more years of no change and we may have our own civil war on our hands. Once we get into the habit of treating one ethnic group roughly it's a hard habit to break. (I was in Bosnia. That's what the Serbs did. Not in my country, sir.) Yes, it sucks that all these people came illegally. Getting rid of them all would suck far worse. The least amount of damage requires that we let them stay and then deal with it.

The fact is that there are not enough votes (thank the Christ) to even try to ethnically cleanse the illegals. There are however enough votes to maintain the status quo for another 20 years if neither side fail to see reason. And the end result of the status quo may well be an American Kosovo--an Aztlanist independence movement. We need to fix this NOW before it is too late.

* Mary's appearance at Fatima (if it happened) was crucially symbolic. Fatima was the daughter of Mohammad, held by Muslims everywhere with grave and high respect, just after the Mother of Jesus, whom they also revere deeply. When Mary appeared at Fatima, -- assuming She did, and I think She did -- then the theological meaning of that appearance was significant. VERY significant. It was the first hint in Catholic teaching (or perhaps even to the Catholic Church itself) that Muslims were saved too. (After all, if Fatima wasn't held in high regard in Heaven, why would Jesus's Own Mother have chosen such a place for an official appearance?)

* It sucks that pseudo-Muslim goons destroyed 3000 lives. It also sucks that a President was shot by a communist sniper trained by the US Marines. But that's history. History is effed up.

* Great idea to have an Italian Pope again without really having an Italian Pope.

But He's Argentinian.
  We'll he's Italian.
    But he's Argentinian.
     But he's really Italian.
       (Lather, rinse, repeat)

* It sez here: "I got Mindy Kaling! What Actress Would Play You In The Movie Version Of Your Life?" (www.buzzfeed.com) Divine.

* If we arrested every single illegal and provided them with their constitutionally mandated procedural due process... hmn.... that works out to, hmn. 11.5 years before the last one is deported. And this assumes not a single new illegal ever arrives. Nope. Not gonna happen.

* The Inquisition. Killed a lot of people. Yeah, like all the Catholics who burned and executed Protestants under that Catholic queen, Elizabeth the First.... um.... no..... wait... Far more Catholics were killed by the Protestant kings and queens of England than vice versa... particularly in Ireland, but the Irish don't count, do they? :0/

* You will notice that even under Obama you can still legally buy 40 watt bulbs. Apparently the Democrats have bought a large batch and put them in Congress.

* So some murderere you hate got executed?  Go easy on the guy. He's "square with the house" (per Stephen King). Remember if the Mercy don't work for him it don't work for you or me either....

* Then there was that other poor guy what got arrested for Disorderly Conduct. Also known as Contempt of Honcho.

* Yekatrinberg massacre. Executions of the Orthodox hierarchs. Execution of the White leadership under Lenin. Holodomir. Great Purges. Katyn Forest. Doctor's Plot. Great Leap Forward. Great Cultural Revolution. Gang of Four. GULag. Laogai. Tito's massacres. Srebrenica. Zepa. Sarajevo siege. Killing fields. Fall of Saigon and the reeducation camps. Nork executions. Not to mention minor things like Margaret Sanger and her gang of bloodthirsty childkillers..... or Ayers and company.

Nope. No persecution complex to be seen here. It's all in our heads.

"With reasonable men I shall reason, with compassionate men I shall plead...." - Wm. Lloyd Garrison, 1830

"...men have forgotten God...." - Solzhenitsyn, explaining the bloodthirst of the Bolsheviks, at the 1982 Harvard Address

PS I know that I'm about to hear about all of Christianity's great massacres. Knock yourself out. But the ones I've listed here are WITHIN LIVING MEMORY. I challenge anyone to match with the same.

* The First Amendment also covers people you don't like. Alas.

More Thursday.

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