Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Belated Remembrance: RIP Robin Williams

Delayed reaction to the suicide of Robin Williams. The poor bastard. All that the world could offer and he still gets a crucifixion of the heart.
I of all people should not be surprised though. The brilliant guys at CRACKED.COM (which has come a long, long way from its crappy-rag-you-only-buy-when-MAD-is-sold-out-at-the-newsstand roots) took a bitter, sad and highly accurate assessment of the phenomenon that cost us his brilliance far, far too soon. Click here.

For those trying to imagine why a wealthy, famous, brilliant and funny guy like Robin Williams could leave us with extreme prejudice, the above article provides the best explanation I have seen. "In the end it [success etc] meant jack". (For my own part, I was never a "class clown" but I do have a T-shirt and coffee cup that greatly resemble this.)

I also recall the most brilliant essay against suicide ever written--found at the end of A CANTICLE FOR LIEBOWITZ, where a Catholic priest tries to prevent a woman dying of nuclear radiation poisoning from reporting to a suicide camp. He fails. The author, William M. Miller Jr., shot himself fifty years later.

Goodbye, Robin. You have left great, empty shoes ... and we may never see them filled again in our lifetime. 

And Lord? Do him mercy, please. May he make You chortle as he did us.

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