Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wisdom From the Little-Read Book: Chapter 003

Quirky Quips, Questionable Quotes, Pseudonietzscheanistic Aphorisms and bad jokes.

*  One can argue about the justice of our involvement in the Vietnam War. Not so the Korean War. That war was beyond question worth while--one a flourishing rich democracy with one of the largest cities in the world and the other a crazed dictatorship run by a teenager who shot his wife's girlfriends, fed his uncle to a dog etc... one look at the famous Korea by Night photograph establishes the justice of our cause without question.

* From Facebook, this question: "Who is your favorite superhero?"

- Spiderman. I can definitely understand a guy who goes broke trying to deal with bad guys.

- Howard the Duck (the original version). Trapped in a world he never made, indeed.

- Rorschach in 'The Watchmen.' "You don't understand. It's not that I'm trapped in a cage with you. You're trapped in a cage with *me.*" One badass mofo.

- The Comedian in 'The Watchmen.' I love the exhausted cynicism of an aged superhero. (Although the fact that he is also on at least on occasion a rapist? Notsomuch.)

- Mr. Incredible. I can understand well someone who usta Be Somebody and clings to the glory days.

- (I also like this guy too, whoever he is.)

- And finally: Winston Churchil. If you don't think he was a superhero -- and I very MUCH include his pre WW2 career -- you haven't read his full biography. His superpowers: Gift of Gab and a +10 DRM for Luck. When rolling a d6. Oh: and Consume Mass Quantities.

*  By long court precedent, a parade is NOT a "place of public accomodation". It is an act of expression and association. And if the First Amendment's freedom of association were respected that would be great. The false equivalency of race to sexual preference, of occasional high school beatdowns to generations of slavery and jim crow, must not be allowed to trump First Amendment rights of freedom of association--which include the freedom NOT to associate by definition.

* A Facebook question: “Which Hindu God Are You?” Ganesh. Like any good Republican.

* I keep reading on FB about how horrible Islam is, particularly with regard to so-called "islamic FGM". I don’t understand: why do some want to smear a faith practiced by a billion people for a barbarism widely practiced both within and without that faith and which has no sanction whatsoever in its scriptures? Naked mindboggling bigotry and hate, maybe? Youbetcha!

*  Democracies are five wolves and four lambs voting on dinner. A Republic is the lamb using the filibuster to infinitely table the motion.

*  Damn. Autism sucks. I would not wish it on my worst. fucking. enemy.

*  Father, dying of pancreatic cancer, "walks his daughter down the aisle". She's 11. This is for her wedding day, when it comes. At the end of the ceremony the presider, instead of the traditional "Man and wife" formula, stated: "I now declare you daddy and daughter!" Honi soit qui mal y pense. I think it's beautiful.

*  Wise people bide their time. Wise I am not.

* The politics of a democratic republic is like two great engines grinding away at one another full power on the same track in opposite directions..... that screeching sound and the great heat generated is the byproduct of the struggle of wills between the two sides, evenly matched. We have two groups of people who want opposite things. The unpleasantness of politics arises from their opposition--the heat and light generated by their mutual antagonisms..... it's an unpleasant process, but the least unpleasant version there is.

* It is clear from the persecution of Christian cake-bakers that the gay community (or the minority of it supporting this law) doesn't want to be left alone. They want active affirmation of all they do, just as Henry VIII did.

*  Te audire no possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.

*  It sez here that "Research Shows It's Better To Run Away From Nuclear Detonation Blast".

"An interesting game. The only way to win is not to play." - Wargames

More Tuesday.

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