Friday, August 1, 2014

To our site pest.

Well, somewhere out there there is a Serbian sympathizer with a deep seated guilt complex and entirely too much time on his hands.... last night he excreted a total of 15000 words (yes, I counted) over a half dozen of my posts, all about Bosnia, all of which were intended to refute the "myth" of Serbian genocide in Bosnia.

Well, sir, I appreciate the fact that someone hates my writing so much that they're willing to spew.... what? fifteen pages single space? .... to attack it.

Nevertheless, since this is my blog, and I'm allergic to hate speech, I'm disinclined either to publish your words as such on my blogs' comment pages nor to argue with you.  A deep seated guilty conscience is impossible to reason with.

Nevertheless, if you really want to read this guy's shit, go here.  The Necronomicon makes more sense, but hey. Don't say I didn't warn  you.

(I conclude by repeating the question I asked a couple of weeks back.... to wit: 'Jesus, why do these disgusting people crawl out of the woodwork every time I talk about this subject?')

ADDENDUM: Mr. Site Pest: if you seriously think that I'm going to post any more of your bullshit on my site, you are saaaaaadly mistaken. Adieu.

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