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Tattered Remnant #101: Sebal* Luddington (1761-1839)

From "Sybil Ludington’s Midnight Ride," by Ellen Beier.

From the blog A MIGHTY GIRL (

In celebration of Independence Day, we remember a little known hero of the American Revolutionary War, 16-year-old Sybil Ludington. At approximately 9 pm on April 26th, 1777, Sybil, the eldest daughter of Colonel Henry Ludington, climbed onto her horse and proceeded to ride 40 miles in order to muster local militia troops in response to a British attack on the town of Danbury, Connecticut -- covering twice the distance that Paul Revere rode during his famous midnight ride.

Riding all night through rain, Sybil returned home at dawn having given nearly the whole regiment of 400 Colonial troops the order to assemble. While the regiment could not save Danbury from being burned, they joined forces with the Continental Army following the subsequent Battle of Ridgefield and were able to stop the British advance and force their return to their boats.

Following the battle, General George Washington personally thanked Sybil for her service and bravery.

Although every American school child knows the story of Paul Revere, unfortunately few are taught about Sybil Ludington's courageous feat and her contribution to war effort.

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*From the Source of All Knowledge, Wikipedia:
There is much confusion concerning the spelling of her first name. Although it is mostly spelled "Sybil", her tombstone displays her name as "Sibbell". However, she signed her Revolutionary War pension application as "Sebal", which is apparently the spelling she preferred. Her sister Mary spelled her name "Sebil". In the 1810 census, she is listed as "Sibel", and appears on other records as "Cybil". Her name does not seem to appear on any official documents as Sybil.|
Her Wikipedia biography is found here:

**To the folks at I hope you will forgive this one-time intrusion into your copyright territory. This young woman deserves to be remembered--IS remembered by the One who remembers all--as one of the Tattered Remnant.

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