Thursday, July 17, 2014

Netherlands to Pay Damages to Srebrenica Victims

It says here that the Royal Netherlands Government hass been found liable for the deaths of 300 victims of the Srebrenica massacre, because their "DUTCHBAT" (Dutch battalion) did not protect the Bosnian Muslims under their "protection" when the city fell in 1995, leading to the genocide of the men in that city.

This is a hard one for me. On the one hand, my position on Srebrenica is well known and can be found here on my blog: the Bosnian Serbs, a catspaw for the nationalist-communists in Belgrade, committed genocide in Srebrenica when they killed the men they captured execution-style. (Those unarmed men they killed while they were fleeing, about 2000 or so, are a bit more problematic, but never mind.)

Nevertheless, it was a planned operation; it wasn't an orgy of murder and the sack of a city, but a calculated decision taken at the highest levels of the Serb governments (Serbia and Republika Srpska) fighting in Bosnia at the time.

I also think the behavior of DUTCHBAT, the peacekeepers guarding those people, was utterly shameful. They should have died honorably with the people they were guarding instead of acting like King Arthur and the Kniggits of the Round Table encountering the rabbit.

 But does the Government of the Netherlands owe money for their deaths? I don't know about that. I am very fond of the idea of personal and direct responsibility: the Serb V Army ("Drina Corps") carried out the deed at the orders of the Srpska government. THEY are the ones responsible. If the Dutch governnment, under Dutch law, are now to pay money for the failure of the Dutchbat to defend them, I suppose that's lawful.

But I'd rather see the entire Srpska government (that part of Bosnia now under Serb control) as well as Serbia itself be forced to pay heavy restitution both to the victims and their families and to the rest of Bosnia for the stupid, evil and unnecessary war they started.

But that ain't gonna happen. Alas.

My Bosnian FB friends might have more to say (they know who they are). I'll sum this up in short: It's some justice, but not enough. Not. nearly. enough.



  1. The only Dutch soldier killed was killed by a Bosnian Muslim soldier as they both withdrew from their forces the day BEFORE the Serbs drove in. (And Serbs drove in because they'd been informed that the Bosnian Muslim army had left - it had walked out overnight before the day of the fall.)

    The Bosnian Muslim army in Srebrenica - the 28th Brigade was LARGER than the Serbs and along with them the UN manned positions. A soldier interviewed in St. Louis said that they (the Bosnian Muslim army) had "strong positions all around Srebrenica" when they were suddenly called off and told to gather in the north.

    From there they later left in a north-western direction for Tuzla.
    And in the north the UN continued to man their positions through the entire fall and aftermath. The Serbs never took posts by force - they'd all been abandoned and the Serbs didn't attack the UN.

    The soldier (who is one of three interviewed in the book - all part of an extended family (brother-in-laws) says they were ORDERED off the positions by their brigade commanders AND the UN.

    This shows an ARRANGED fall. Done BEFORE the Serbs were even heading towards Srebrenica, and done even with no signs the Serbs had plans to go there. They went in reaction to be informed that the army left.

    The soldiers died in RUNNING BATTLES on the way to Tuzla, but most of the army made it. Besides the army, paramiltary, police, etc. there were other men because the total number of men leaving in the columns was estimated from 15,000-18,000 by the UN and also by the Bosniak soldiers who were there themselves.

    The women and children had even earlier been ordered to Potocari by the UN and were admonished not to go back to their houses.

    One can only imagine if the Serbs never took the bait and drove into Srebrenica. The women and children would have been staying gathered in Potocari and the journalists would have wondered where the men were, but not seeing any Serbs wouldn't have them to blame.

    And the women and children were given bus rides by civilian bus drivers to Tuzla airport. There are no pictures showing the people being harmed, harassed or mistreated as they gathered to get on the buses.
    And the only reason why Serbs drove them there was because the UN again ORDERED the Serbs to take them to Tuzla.

    Serbs were under sanction and still had to spend their money on fuel for the pre-planned evacuation of Srebrenica to separate the ethnics (a goal for the war's end, and something U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher claimed as an accomplishment - separating the warring parties.)
    The UN wasn't going to indefinitely protect the Muslim army and use the rest of the population as civilian shields indefinitely.

    Unfortunately Serbs drove into a trap.

    There are Bosnian Muslim military records which show those listed as victims during the fall had died MONTHS and YEARS BEFORE THE FALL.

    There is total dishonesty by the Muslims and "international community" to push their agenda in the Balkans and use the Srebrenica precedent for other self-serving hidden agenda interventions.

    The brought it up for the bombing of Libya and now Libya's in some kind of lawless meltdown still. I think they even mentioned Srebrenica before Afghanistan and Iraq, mumbled about it in regards to Syria, and haven't heard it regarding Ukraine yet but won't be surprised.

  2. Running battles.


    Running battles.


    That explains the thousands of corpses found with their hands tied behind their backs, with blindfolds on their faces, and with bullet holes from shots fired at point blank range, fired from weapons found at V Army armories which we confiscated five years later.

    It also explains the barn at Kravica with its thousands of bullet holes outside-in, with the interior of the barn covered with the brains and blood of the corpses, with corpse-mold still feeding off of the remains years later.

    I saw both with my own eyes.

    I'd respond with scatological vitriol, as you well deserve, but I will not dishonor the deceased by using the language called for.

    Begone, genocide cheerleader.


  3. (Jesus, why do these disgusting people crawl out of the woodwork every time I talk about this subject?)

  4. Oh my dear sweet muddy and uneven soccer fields located just far enough away from rock quarries.

    Anonymous wrote,"And the women and children were given bus rides by civilian bus drivers to Tuzla airport."

    Where have we heard this tripe before (on a grander scale)? Berlin, perhaps? Early '30s? Don't a bell?

    I didn't mean to, but Godwin just led me down that path today because is the grandest refutation againt same tactic of historical revisionism masquerading as apologetics (ie
    the "we gave everyone a way to leave before we heard their land and possessions" b.s.)!


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