Thursday, July 31, 2014

Extracts from the Little-Read Book: Chapter 009.

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* "Space is big. Really big. You may think it's a long walk to the [drugstore], but that's peanuts compared to space." - Douglas Adams

* Schools are all powerful as regards their internal expulsion power. Proving damages and assigning blame/responsibility is almost impossible. All you can do is embarrass the shit out of them when their rules get out of line.

* Leftism is as much a religion as Christianity, but demands blood sacrifice.... and, hell, on that scale North Koreans are the most religious of all. (And the national anthem of the Left is 'Imagine' by John Lennon.....)

* We may be mouthbreathers.... but at least it's air in our mouths and nothing else.

* "Does the Left want peace in the culture wars?" No, they're like the aliens in "Independence Day." They want us to die.

* It sez here: "Child abuse registry called unfair, Michigan's 'biggest civil rights violation'" ( Department of Human Services. Department of Homeland Security. Same fascist mindset, slightly different title. To oppose them is the crime of opposing the bureaucrat. It is a form of Contempt of Cop; it is the only universal crime.

* It sez here: "Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards Is Running For Congress" ( | Maybe he's hoping David Duke will run against him.

* Close the border, build the Great Wall of Texas, and then a reasonable amnesty for all but the most recent arrivals. Aggressive removal of violent criminals.

* Forget medical marijuana. It's a fraud, and that's all there is to it. Make the ban universal and strictly enforce it. Screw legalization. No exceptions, no slack.

* There was a time we built Apollo rockets to fly to the moon. No longer necessary. That is what legalized marijuana is for, after all......

* Planned Parenthood President: My Childrens' Lives Began at Delivery, Not... Until then they were untermenschen and the uebermenschen had a right to exterminate zem....

* "Abortion: it must be available for the life or the wealth of the mother."

* If we looked at everything from a purely economic point of view we'd use human bone meal to fertilize our fields.

Some things are more important than pure economics. 

More Tuesday.

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