Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Extracts from the Little-Read Book: Chapter 008.

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* Trinity. God, Son, Spirit. Consubstantial. If a man is drawn to God by God a man is drawn to God by the Son because the Son is God. Council of Nicaea 101.

* Beware the The Fibonacci Party: they’re mean and extreme.

* Another article on the internet about the dangers of backtracked speech on music? I prefer the backtrack on a Weird Al album I heard once: "Sdnah ruoy no emit hcum oot evah uoy!"

* Green ammo is one thing. Being recycled and making the grass green myself is something else entirely.

* You can’t scare me. I survived Ottawa Jr. High in the 70s.

* The first Earth Day = Lenin's 100th. NO DUH. Green is the new red. And always was.

* "Do you want Farmer Jones to come back?" Napoleon asked as his dogs growled at his side.

* Hillary had her moment of leadership at Bengazi and she f---ed up. Like her husband but worse (he only screwed his assistant; she abandoned the Four to death). The idea of her in the White House is enough to make me ill. Of course, the present alternative (Senatrix Warren, also known as Fauxahontas) is even worse if possible.

* So your objection to Christianity is what? That it is used as a power trip to control the masses? So is every other form of religion, including state atheism.... which does a far nastier job of it.

* Lesson from growing up in the 1970s: MJ is a bad thing. Don't smoke it. Don't legalize it.

* People are ready to support a strong chancellor. One who will control the bureaucracy and end corruption.....

* One of the most deep seated bigotries is that of people now living over those living in the past. We are not any better – or worse – than they are. Human nature is depressingly stable. Damn apple.

* It sez here: A Baby Monkey's First Bath Time Is So Adorable! I Can't Turn Away! (blog.petflow.com) Very cute video of baby monkey getting a bath. But. The comments. ((SMH)) The comments imply that the person doing the bathing is being evil because The Monkey Is Not Living In The Wild With Its Mother. Utterly absurd, particularly since this is a rescue monkey and if the human weren't there the monkey wouldn't be either. Geez. people.

* If science seems to prove some belief of the Catholic faith wrong, all the Faith has to do is to wait for science to advance further when it will in essence agree with the Catholic faith again. No worries. Just ask Father Lamaitre. (We've been around for a LONG time. We’re patient. We’ll wait.)

More Thursday.

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