Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Extracts from The Little-Read Book: Chapter 006

Wit, wisdom, pseudonietzscheanistic aphorisms, and bad jokes.

* I would LOVE for Michelle Obama to have a public service job paying her $319,000 a year. RIGHT. NOW. .... And her husband in the office across the hall.

* "An armed society is a polite society" really means it'll be a death sentence to be rude. I'll pass. (I love Heinlein but on this subject he was tetched in the head.)

* Carbon swaps = sale of indulgences. That is all.

* If you have a reason to crap on ANY religion then lose the reason and start to use YOUR reason. God is not the private property of ANY faith. Hundreds of millions of people see God through the Islamic lens WITHOUT flying airplanes into buildings or mutilating women.

* Hillary won't run. What we'll get is Andrew Cuomo. Or possibly Warren (aka Fauxohontas).

* We create our sexual identity? Bullshit, little Eva. Sexual identity is irrevocably assigned to us by our loving Creator at the moment sperm meets eggs. That miotic dance gives us two possible combinations of genes (XX, XY) from that moment. Sexual assignment is immutable from the instant a person is created. Any other perception is insane--and the idea that "gender" is "mutable" is as insane as the believe that one can will oneself to be an automobile transmission. And anyone who thinks God "doesn't make mistakes" has never seen or cared for an infant with major birth defects.

*  Many of today's popular scientific opinions--AGW, the cultural basis of sexuality, same-sex "marriage"--were clearly derived with the assistance of a proctologist with a flashlight.

* A single human life--which includes every human fetus--is worth far more than every mammal in the universe. That includes you. That should be a source of comfort and joy.

* I can easily imagine "Immigration Court" being turned into "Loyalty Court." Very easily. Very soon.

* I know the hard left thinks that Israel si a problem. And as regards Israel, I am sure the hard left can and will come up with a final solution to the problem.  It won't be the first time.

* What will they give Clinton? The piece prize?

* It sez here: "Google submits 1,928 pages arguing for a trademark of the word 'Glass'". Clearly, this was a brief written by a law firm being paid in full and by the hour by Google. Great work ... if you can get it.

* I generally try not to complement women on their pregnancy until they're in labor. Not because I'm anti pregnancy (quite the opposite) but because I'm pro-my-own-kneecaps.

* Eventually to be prolife will be to be a traitor. And not in the distant future, either.

More Thursday.

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