Friday, July 4, 2014



Today being the 4th of July we figured it would be as auspicious a day as any to restart the Michigan Silverback, your source of, well, brilliant wit and endless insights into the news of the day. "Because not everyone can be a news analyst!" :)

Seriously, we've done some serious reexamination of the contents and we're going to be back with a modified approach.

*    We will seek to post EVERY SINGLE DAY.

*    Major features should appear on Sundays and Wednesdays.

*    We will be posting more of the Tattered Remnants series, which hold a solid first place among our most popular features.

*    We will be resuming GREG'S GIGGLES, from our good friend Greg Schankin, which will usually appear every Monday.

*    Shorter extracts of wit and wisdom from THOUGHTS OF THE CHAIRMAN ("The Little-Read Book") will appear Tuesday and Thursdays.

*    Fridays will see a new/old feature, FLASHBACK FRIDAY, wherein I rerun some of my best older pieces.

*    Saturdays we will have a spread of my favorite memes (a la the July 4 thing above).

The list is of course subject to change and the ongoing news events.

Finally, we're still experimenting with a new layout. You'll notice it, well, whenever.....

"Welcome (back) to my nightmare. We think you're gonna like it. We think you're gonna feel right at home....." - A. Cooper, 1974

ON HIATUS.... (2/19/2014)

If you are an actual human being reading this blog (as opposed to some webcrawing spider program) please comment (or email me privately at to let me know if this blog should come off of hiatus. Thank you.


Wonderful news (I hope)!  We shall be coming off Hiatus within the next very few weeks (details to come).

Your kind words, both below and emailed privately, have humbled me.  Thank you for your support.

See you soon.


  1. Yes, it should. 29 Let's Go!

  2. I think most of what you say is well organized, relevant, and worth reading. Come off hiatus.

  3. I think you should most certainly continue. I just discovered you blog today while surfing the web, and I have been reading your collection of the Tattered Remnants. I cannot tell you how many times the stories you have told of these unsung heroes have brought me to tears. Please continue to tell/write of these great stories and extraordinary people, you certainly have a talent for it.

  4. Emailed, as requested.

    Now limber up those, typing fingers and put those thoughts into cyberspace.

    If you're really overwhelmed or lazy, even Francis has a Twitter.

  5. Francis has the advantage of being the sovereign of his own city state with an entire (half-employed) Curia at his disposal...... but I'll do my best.

  6. Yes; bring it back.

    There's so little that's actually intelligent on the internet, this is a small island of brain cells that actually rub together.

    Ex-Harper Woodsian now living in NC


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