Friday, October 11, 2013

Just MOVE?

It's being reported that the USPS has gone to great expense to print, and then destroy, an entire run of stamps intended to encourage young people to exercise.

Mrs. Obama's "Just Move" initiative was memorialized -- temporarily it turns out -- on a run of Forever stamps portraying young children at play.

Turns out they were politically incorrect. The kid on the skateboard wasn't wearing kneepads. The kid jumping in the pool was doing a "cannonball." And the kid standing on her head.... wasn't wearing a helmet!

Think about this. Millions of dollars of stamps destroyed (and Mrs. Obama publicly embarrassed) because *some* people *might* have criticized the stamps for not being sufficiently nannystatish.

I mean, ferChrisssake.... a helmet for a kid standing on her head?

I've never seen the need for such nonsense, much less actually witnessed a child with a helmet standing on her head. 

Of course, they didn't take something else into account... doesn't "JUST MOVE" conjure memories of something that didn't involve standing on heads? (At least to those of us with long memories....)

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