Monday, September 30, 2013

Washington Kabuki Theater:
Why The Republicans Are Trying
To Delay Obamacare (When They Secretly Support It)

The budget crisis we're facing is a case of classic Washingtonian kabuki theater.

The Republicans are pretending to try to stop Obamacare by causing a government shutdown. They are pretending they don't want Obamacare to go forward.

They want, in fact, the opposite.

The Democrats are pretending to try to save Obamacare by forcing the Republicans to submit to it.

They, too, in fact, want the opposite.

The Republicans are causing the shutdown by including language delaying Obamacare for another year. It won't pass, and the Republicans are secretly delighted.  Why?

If Obamacare goes forward, the American people have a full year of watching their insurance premiums balloon and explode, and they will remember it in the voting booth next November, to the detriment of the Democrats. Or so the Elite thinks. They NEVER think beyond the next election, since their pensions and salaries depend on it.

If Obamacare is delayed a year, the Democrats won't face the pitchfork-and-torches reaction to Obamacare until the election in 2016, by which time they'll have another Presidential candidate to lead the way (possibly Hillary).

So why are the Republicans trying to delay it a year if the Democrats want it? Because if they don't their base will be pissed off and stay home in 2014.

While the GOP Elite see that the best they can do under the circumstances is increase their control of the House and maybe, inshal'lah, take the Senate, much of the base (and the Tea Party) are so opposed to Obamacare that they think that the GOP has to pull out all stops now (failing to recognize that we just don't have the strength to actually stop it).

So why are the Democrats trying to implement it this year if the Republicans want it? Because if they don't THEIR base will be pissed off and stay home in 2014.

What the Democrat Elite see is that they know it's a stinkeroo of a law, that we're likely pretty much stuck with it for the immediate present, and that there WILL be an uprising of the pitchfork-and-torches crowd eventually. They'd rather have it with a Presidential election than an off-year election, when half their base stays home. The Dem base however wants to save this evil bill as the only real legacy that their eight years of incompetence will show.... failing to recognize that it IS a stinkeroo of a law.

Politics. Ainnitwunnerful?

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