Thursday, May 2, 2013

From the 'Stans

To my site pest: reread as often as necessary!


  1. haha your precious Koran speaks for itself, but keep pretending while Christians in the numbers of 100,000,000 are persecuted in your - "just want to send their kids to school" Muslim lands.

    you took so much money from jihadists that now you have to protect their Shariah and your Islam. If you were a girl you would cover your face for your Allah that is how much you need and covet their acceptance.

    you are the kind that after 500 years of rape, slavery, death from Islam over Christianity in Serbia and in South Europe, you would say that was a period of enlightenment for Christians.

    Maybe you haven't heard, but I am sure you have but still your being squeezed from all sides you know your Jihad plans are now being seen for what they are all over the world... everyone has read your Koran and your Hadiths about killing Jews and your demonic fantasy about ruling the world.

    Allow me to direct you to the PEW RESEARCH report where the over 70% of Islam support KILLING a person if they leave ISLAM? huh? poor muslims they just want to go to school.

    Poor kosovo muslims they only took out the kidneys and hearts of 500 children and teenage Christian Serbs... they did it because they just an education, they just wanted to go to school

    you are so pathetic and ugly, and your world is coming down. you lost. you made your bed with mujahadeens and satan is exposed in you.

  2. You may find it necessary to vomit on your own keyboard, but why do you have to click 'send' afterwards?


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