Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Grand Mother's Day

These are my grandmothers, Loretta Dueweke Remski (1900-1978) and Jennie F. O'Brien Kent (1888-1973). Loretta was the mother of ten children, of whom eight are still living. Jennie had seven children, losing one in infancy.

This being Mother's Day, I would also like to salute Elizabeth Martin, mother of Loretta. She found herself pregnant with her twelfth child--Loretta--at the age of 46. Knowing the risk, she decided to have Loretta, and died in childbirth. Through Loretta, she has had over 100 descendants alone.

Jenny's mother was Ellen Henry (1867-1910). She lost two boys--Jenny's brothers--while the boys were in elementary school, in almost identical freak accidents exactly a year apart.

Thank you, to brother Jerry, for posting this to Facebook. I've never seen this photograph before until today.

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