Friday, April 19, 2013

Terrorist Facebooker... or something.

Apparent-terrorist-on-the-run Djohar Tsarnaev, who at last report is somehow still breathing, posted a hate video on his Russian-equivalent-of-Facebook page, here sometime in the last few days. (The above is a .jpg not an embedded vid.)

Here is a translation of the first 90 seconds (which I provide for the benefit of the Russian-impaired). I’d do more but I have a real job. (I haven’t used Russian in 15 years so bear with me.) See below for explanation.

To anybody who has a heart
I have something to tell you
Sham, Sham, Sham
They are killing your brothers and sisters (in Syria) without any reason
All they have done is that they have said ‘Our Lord [God] is Allah
….and Mohammad (peace be unto him) is Our Prophet’
And they are harshly persecuting the Books of Allah and the Sunnis of Mohammad (p.b.u.h.)
Allah loves Sham and these people
And He has selected Sham and his people [=nation]
Zaid ibn Sabit al Ansari (peace to him) has told us that
the Prophet of Allah (p.b.u.h.) has said:
‘Tooba for Sham! O Tooba for Sham! O Tooba for Sham!’
(Tooba is a forest in Raio, where no knight has ridden for 100 years)
We have asked, ‘Oh why, oh Prophet of Allah?’
We have asked, ‘Oh why, oh Prophet of Allah?’
And he answered, ‘Because agents of Milostiviy have spread their wings over themselves!’
We congratulate you o Nation of Sham!
We congratulate you!
Your disciples and your witnesses oh Prophet of Allah (p.b.u.h.)!
Without doubt! Without doubt!….


SHAM is a poetic name for the region we call The Levant (South of Turkey, east of Egypt, north of the Saudi sands… i.e., Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel). It is also used as a poetic name for Damascus. I believe that given the context Damascus is what is meant.

PBUH is a common Islamic tag used (in English) when a pious Muslim speaks the name of Mohammad. It means ‘peace be unto him.’ It is a translation of an equivalent term in Arabic.

This is basically a hymn to the “Islamic martyrs” fighting Assad’s regime in Syria. Whoever posted it is pretty bloodthirsty–QED.

Some of my friends, I should note, express shock and horror that REFUGEES turned on America in the way these brothers did. It doesn't surprise me.  Refugees sometimes go bad, as here.

A hundred years ago, there was an incident, the 'Siege of Sidney Street,' where London bobbies confronted a gang of Latvian refugees from the Tsar who had decided to take up bank robbery for a living.  This incident, otherwise an obscure gunfight, was famous because a young Winston Churchill decided to meddle... and while watching the festivities, thought to himself, 'you know, we could use a bulletproof automobile or something right about now....' This probably led to his (yes) invention of the tank.

(It's funny how things turn out.)


  1. these are your people, why are you changing sides all of a sudden? you have been supporting mujahadeens and jihadists in Bosnia and Kosovo - YOU ISLAMIST

    you made your bed now lay in it, aren't your proud of your brother muslims? what happened you are not supporting the Sharia or the Koran like you did in Bosnia and Kosovo?

  2. You disgust me, but berating you is pointless: for to be you is far worse punishment than I could imagine. Truly.

  3. PS: Dear Site Pest:

    Read and heed.

  4. your anger shows your guilt. take a deep breath, try to hide your frustration that your terrorism is losing everywhere.


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