Monday, April 8, 2013

Now she is gone: Margaret Lady Thatcher, RIP

Now we mourn.

This was first run in March of last year.

I can do her no higher honor than to run it again.


Ronald Reagan--Ronaldus Magnus--is gone.

Pope John Paul II --the Great--too, is gone.

The Eastern European Communists are gone.

The Argentine Navy is gone.

Dust, dust in the wind.

Only Lady Thatcher remained...... and she remains no more.

Like Reagan in his final years--indeed, like Churchill in his, and, likely, JP2 as well--she sat alone in her quiet room, having earned her rest, barely remembering in her dotage the greatness she once represented.

But now she has gone to meet her God, she remembers once again.

Will we? Can we?

Was it Lady Thatcher who had forgotten the past....

....or is it us?

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