Thursday, April 11, 2013

It Is Not To Be Borne!

GOP marriage advocate, former Senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was going to give a speech this week at Grosse Pointe South High School on April 24.

Then he wasn't. Turns out that supporting binary heterosexual marriage was too toxic for certain people at the GPS school district.

Then he was. Turns out that there are a lot more supporters of binary heterosexual marriage than they figured.

But still, if your kid wants to see a Republican Presidential candidate and Senator in the flesh, you have to put yourself on a list ("sign an opt-in permission slip") to see it.

Here is my response to them. Faxed in this morning. (click to embiggen)

This is proof positive that although the gay marriage advocacy movement pretends to be about equality, it is in fact about naked power, and their intent is to crush and silence their opposition. I know many who support gay marriage don't necessarily want that to occur, but that is PRECISELY the intent of those driving the movement. It is at heart a fascist attempt to steamroller the religiously faithful and supporters of traditional marriage.

It is meant to crush us.

Do you want a taste of what the gay marriage organizers--the ones behind the movement--really think of us? Go to and read this entry for the word "Santorum". But only if you have a strong stomach. You have been warned. [ADDENDUM: A friend of mine has emphasized that my warning here was not quite explicit enough. Open only if you have a REALLY strong stomach. Really.]

Well, I may get dragged to the chopping block for this--but I intend to be dragged, NOT walk. I will not cooperate with my own future oppression.

This must be stopped. Now.

Gay "marriage" is not and never has been about marriage. It is about driving religious faith, particularly Christianity, from the public square. It must be and shall be stopped.

It is not to be borne.

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