Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wonders of Modern Engineering

If anybody reading this is an automotive engineer for Ford or GM, pat yourself on the back. (And if you know anyone who is, pat THEM on the back.) I just saw a horriffic accident at Mound Road and West Utica in Shelby Twp.... Ford SUV travelling south on Mound saw a yellow and decided to try to beat the red. He didn't... and the little GM two door (Chevy perhaps) t-boned him from the west side, ca...using the SUV to double roll sideways and end up crushing the cab top 50%.

Both drivers walked away. The SUV driver scurried out from under the car with only a bleeding hand (and a bad case of the shakes) as injuries. The driver of the Chevy-perhaps wasn't hurt at all except for the aforesaid shakes.

God and the engineers were looking out for these two. I have no doubt that 30 years ago there would have been a single fatality at least, maybe a double. Lesson: DON'T BURN THE YELLOW LIGHT!

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