Wednesday, January 2, 2013


One of the primary characteristics of evil is that it is, occasionally, stupid.

Very stupid.

As on Monday.  We saw an extraordinary example of our new insect overlords removing their masks and showing their true faces: the faces of revolutionaries.

It happened when The New York Times tipped their hands, when I am sure the losers there--no doubt awaiting pinkslips and transport to the underground sugar mines--thought nobody was looking...

They actually openly proposed that the United States Constitution, an "evil" document, be disregarded and consigned to the ashheap of history.


I shi... um, kid you not.

Louis Michael Steadman, a 40-year law professor at Georgetown University, in his piece, referred to the Constitution of the United States as "the Constitution, with .... archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions" and stated that it was time to "give up on it" because it doesn't let him do what he wants.

As one Facebook friend of mine put it rather crudely but succinctly:


I mean, really.

They basically called for the Constitution to be ignored, treated as taffy or Play-Dough, to be twisted into whatever shape they want.

What they fail to take into account is that such an approach is a one-way exit ramp straight to Civilwarville.

Fellow lawblogger Clinton H. Wilcox made as deadly an assessment as could be made in one sentence: "Who needs "Patterns of Force" when we have John Gill wanna-bes among us here?" (To non-Trek-geeks out there, that was the episode where some idiot political science professor decides to introduce Naziism to a backward planet and finds, lo and behold, it puts, um, Nazis in charge.)  David Jaroslav, another lawblogger, remarked that "John Gill is but a fictional stand-in for all utopians, and thereby all statists: 'other revolutions went badly only because I was not in charge.'"


Mr. Wilcox has done me (and all of us) a great favor in writing a straightforward Fisking (which can be found here), thereby saving me the time.


One ridiculous op-ed, buried at the end of the year, is one thing.

But this is not just one example.

A few months back, Time Magazine, or its rotting corpse, ran a similar rant a few months, where they basically said, if we didn't give them socialism, then the Constitution had to go.

To put it simply:

The. hell. with. Them.

I mean, really.


These intellectual vandals--not just Steadman, who seems to merely be engaging in intellectual onanism--but the NY Times, Time Magazine, Newsbeast, et all as a whole.... all seem unaware that they are removing the bricks from the bottom row of the wall of the Separation of Freedom and State, and if they're successful (God forbid!) the whole wall will crash down on them... and us.


Not just no, but HELL NO.

The Constitution is real, it is actual, and it MEANS SOMETHING.

We cannot treat it as a "living document" that we can transmorgrify into whatever beast we (or they, more specifically) want. Calvin's Transmorgrifier was an empty cardboard box.  We must keep the Constitution as it is. To treat it as taffy is to buy civil violence, nationwide.... not some time in the future, but now.

But how?

It's clear that a new battle is before us. No longer are we merely fighting for the status quo as to traditional marriage, or fighting the expansion of prenatal genocide, or standing to prevent seizure of our means of self defense.

The new battle is for the whole enchelada: the preservation of the United States of America and its Constitution against enemies domestic.

Let us be clear: if the Constitution goes, we are damning future generations to endless war, strife, and civil disorder. Freedom of speech dies. Freedom to bear arms ends. Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure ends. The sanctity of our homes, our papers, and (ahem) our hard drives ends. Expostfacto criminal prosecution, "interning" or "detaining" of "enemies" of the powers that be, the open persecution of those standing for the "old order": all become possible.

And I do NOT mean some time in the distant future.

I mean now. This year. Next year.

It is possible unless we man the ramparts: the US Constitution must be upheld, protected, and defended.

First we must arm ourselves for the coming struggle: armed with knowledge and understanding, for the struggle commences (and we pray only remains) one of words.

We need to reacquaint ourselves with the brilliant gem that is the United States Constitution, which has kept us steady and (with one exception) free of civil war for 219 of its 223 years. 

How? We need to read (or reread) the Federalist Papers.

All of us.

Now, the Federalist Papers are not exactly easy reading: so it falls to us to reintroduce it to the people, so that they can see, in modern language, what our forebears had in mind when they wrote, on only five pages, a framework to rule a continent that has kept us free.

What can we do?

I know what I *can* do.  And will. To paraphrase the less-than-immortal Allen Ginsberg, it's time to put my, um, straight shoulder to the wheel.

I am therefore rebooting a project I started last year: the Federalist Papers, in modern language. We NEED TO READ THE FOUNDERS.


Ladies and Gentlemen....

The Publius Tweets.

To commence tomorrow.

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