Saturday, November 10, 2012

MAJOR MALFUNCTION: The Technical Reason Why The Challenger Romney Exploded On Launch



Short version:

- In a close election Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) efforts on Election Day are crucial. Democrats have always understood this. 

- The Republican "Ground Game" was talked up through this election--but there was no ground game at all.


- The Romnoids put all of their Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) efforts into a single high tech basket called "ORCA", operated out of Boston.

- It was supposed to feed GOTV information to local activists nationwide.

- They put all their eggs in this basket so that local GOTV efforts were suppressed in favor of this Cool New Thing.

- It did not work. At all. Critical failure. Major malfunction. It repeatedly crashed, was poorly accessable when it was running, and activists on the ground had NO INFO on whose door to knock on.

- It was kept a big secret through the campaign and rolled out at 6:00 AM of voting day. Thus the intended users could not even have gotten training on how it was used.

- It had never been beta tested, and had no redundancy.

- Intended users were told it was an "app" (= Iphone) when it was a "web app" (= Windows computer) program. Therefore they thought they needed to download it on their iPhones--and there was NO PROVISION for iPhone compatability.

- This is not mentioned in the story, but: who programmed the damned thing? If there was some hactivist or Occupier or "Anonymous" dude on the staff? FORENSICS. NOW.

What does this MEAN?

- This means that the 'missing white Republican vote' was missing for a simple reason: NO GOTV. It crashed at the critical moment.

- We could have gotten an EV victory with 400,000 more votes in crucial states. They weren't there. They weren't there because our voters didn't show up.

- They didn't show up because we didn't ask them to show up.

- This means that the fault of the critical launch failure of the Challenger is Romney himself for having bought into it, as well as those underlings who were supposed to make it happen. But primarily Romney's.

- This means that talk about the death of the Republican Party or of the Tea Party movement is extremely premature.

- This means too, that, in the immortal words of Senator Blutarski, "Nothing is over until WE decide it is!"

But I am afraid of one thing: it also means that if the system was hacked instead of hozed from the get-go, it is the beginning of a new and hideous phase of American politics.

More tomorrow.

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