Monday, October 8, 2012

7 Even More Incredible Things About Romney

The good folks at have given us "Seven Incredible Things About Romney You Probably Didn't Know."

Good article. But it doesn't tell the whole story....

Seven Even More Incredible Things About Romney You Probably Didn't Know!

7. That he once beat up Chuck Norris in high school because he thought he was a geek, thus inspiring Chuck's later career.

6. That he singlehandedly killed Osama Bin Laden's dog by stuffing it in a pooch container and driving around on vacation with it on the roof of his car.

5. That he has been collecting $10 million in welfare and social security since birth. Every year. And never paid any taxes on any of it. (Really! I heard about it on the internet!)

4. That his wife has been faking her illness her whole life in order to maintain her superhero secret identity (she's actually Elastigirl).

3. That his children never lied to him, except on one occasion when one chopped down the cherry tree... and kept insisting he didn't do it.

2. That he fed his own daughter to the bore worms. (Sorry, that was Ryan. Never mind.)

1. That he lost the debate last week after being caught with a cheat sheet on his hanky.

(Hey. I said they were incredible, didn't I?)

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