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Why Conservatives Cannot Abide Obama

                  I sing of Olaf, glad and big...... - e. e. cummings

I have been quite silent on my blog for weeks; time has been short. But the time for silence has ended.

This is a letter written to "Robin", a friend-of-a-friend on Facebook. She posted in a very lively thread on the election season:
I truly want to know exactly why the right hates Obama and Biden so much.... outside of what appears a visceral hatred of all things democratic, and especially if suggested by Obama {even things the republicans insisted on including in legislation they didn't vote for after all] I cannot see any valid reason why he gets condemned for things he hasn't even done....
She has–a first, frankly, among Democrats of my acquaintance–asked for an explanation as to why we are so opposed: politely and with at least an apparent desire to hear us out, at least once. So here you are, Robin. Why can we not stand Obama? Here goes. It's long.


Dearest Robin:

First of all, at the risk of boring you there are several details of my personal life that are salient to what you are about to read. First, I am and always have been a Conservative, indeed "right wing" Republican. And although I have, of late, garnered some disapproving remarks from Karen for my views :0), she has known me since the early 1980s and, I hope, she has not regarded me with hostility for my views (although she strongly disagrees with them).

I am a 'moderate' conservative; I am not a RonPaul!ian libertarian although I am somewhat libertarian in outlook (though I simply despise Ayn Rand). I am a strong social conservative and am an unapologetic abortion abolitionist for reasons you will see elsewhere in my blog. My Catholic faith shapes my views profoundly, although I am not interested in imposing the Catholic faith on anyone else. I regard the right not to be aborted as a human right, applicable to all people at all times throughout history.

Conversely, I am a lifelong enemy of Marxism and all it stands for as a distortion of human dignity and merely an excuse for totalitarianism. It is a bloodthirsty philosophy:  it has killed uncounted hundreds of millions of people. I spent the years 1982 to 1997 working for the US Government against the Soviets and the aftermath of Soviet Socialism; I regard the fall of the Soviet Union without a shot in '91 as the greatest single day of my life. Marxism is evil; it is a distortion of political reality and requires a dictatorship to last.

Secondly, I have extensive political experience; worked on several Presidential campaigns from Bush I in 88 to Bush II in 2000; met my wife at the second Bush I campaign in '92. I worked on Capitol Hill as a staffer on census related issues for 2 years, 1997-1999. I've been on the inside of GOP politics, sometimes at a very high level (although in a very junior position). I know whereof I speak. It might welll make me the devil incarnate to you :0) but I have spent a lot of time trying to get Republicans elected.

Thirdly, I was a peacekeeper in Bosnia for more than two years, Jan 2000 to May 2002; I had direct experience in the aftermath of the abominations that occurred in that country. Those abominations followed directly from Slobodan Milosevic's use of anti-Islamic paranoia to deflect attention away from himself and allow his party–hardcore Marxists who changed their party name–to remain in power until he was overthrown in 2001.

Finally, I'm an immigration attorney. Now how can a right wing Republican be an immigration attorney? Not all of us, or even very many of us, (in spite of what you might believe) want to have an all-white America that is bereft of immigrants. I recognize that we MUST have a viable immigration-friendly culture if we are to survive and thrive. (And there's a direct connection between abortion and illegal immigration–but you can investigate that rant elsewhere on  my blog.)

I recognize that we are a nation of immigrants. But I have come to do what I do because whatever social harm 'illegal immigrants' do, it is more conservative to get them status if possible than it is to round them up like the Serbs did to Muslims. I don't believe in ethnic cleansing; indeed, I hate it and anything that smacks of it. We did what we did to the Japanese in WW2: I don't ever want to see a repeat.

Okay. That's my background. Here's the exposition.


You want to hear why I and the Right cannot abide Obama? Here it is: Obama stands for a philosophy and a world view that is completely out of kilter with either human nature (objective and immutable) or with the American experience. He is a Marxist pure and simple, but not a Soviet marxist (which requires the 'dictatorship of the proletariat') nor is he a European Marxist. He's something else: we're not entirely sure what (he's very hard to pin down) but he's some variety of Marxist, perhaps one we have never seen before.

But in his pursuit of Marxism he wants to impose on America a philosophy and world view that is objectively false. He wishes to do so through the imposition of laws and policies–race preference, government giveaways, welfare largesse far beyond that which is necessary–that are alien to the American character and that would require the transmogrification of the American body politic and culture into something it is not. It won't work, of course, and eventually it will collapse like Marxism *always* collapses ("you always run out of other peoples' money"- Margaret Thatcher). But to maintain it it would require the transformation of the American republic into a federally driven bureaucratic nightmare, a Post Office, or Immigration Bureau, writ large.

You look at him and say, but what about the economy! And we say: he has no qualifications whatsoever to be doing anything about the economy. His economic theory is straight out of a 1970s Bolivian high school.

Everything that has been done has been done turning the laws of economics on their head. We learned long ago that you cannot 'whip inflation now' through buttons while pumping M-1 dollars into the economy; you have to have a careful balance between the amount of dollars in the economy and the amount of wealth in the economy. If the population grows 4% and the economy grows 4% then the money supply needs to grow 4% (plus or minus a half point or so). Overdo the dollars, and inflation follows as night follows day. His economic stimuli programs, which you view with equanimity, we view as pure poison and a prescription for hyperinflation: not today, not tomorrow, but soon and for years afterward.

Double the debt and finance that debt with out-of-thin-air new paper dollars from the Fed and you're buying 100% inflation in a couple of years. That it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it will not. I fully expect that it will happen within two years and the howling that will follow will destroy the Democrats, who will be held responsible. (And don't get me started as to the Democrats' causing this crisis to begin with by the bank robbery through loans to the poor that Dodd and Frank wrought and Bush tried, unsuccessfully, to stop.)

In short, his lumpenKeynesianism is economic crack cocaine: pleasant for one or two hits but you wind up impoverished and begging for another hit in short order.

As for Obamacare? None of the government's business to control health care. If you want cradle to grave government healthcare, go to Britain. Just take a number when you go to the hospital; the doctor will see you sometime before the coronation of William V. Maybe.

As for why we are hostile to Obama himself: he is cringeworthy with every speech he gives. He views the world through an inverted moral lens. Everything we view as good–-American exceptionalism, opportunity, the room to excel–-he regards as evil.  Exceptionalism is imperialism. Opportunity is exclusion. Excellence is bigotry. He operates as if Republicans are by nature racist-to-the-core and views us as having a completely alien outlook. He views American exceptionalism as mindless jingoism.

He is entirely reductive: he views the American experience as being all about the Benjamins: not about creativity and human endeavor. His 'you didn't build that' remark tells us that he regards the productive class as being parasitical; and those of us with any knowledge of what that kind of 'parasiticalness' means to the left see barbed wire behind it. He's not interested in merely taking our wealth: he cannot abide opposition, and must eventually deprive us of our liberty to succeed.

We know where he wants to take us. And we do not care to go there.


We celebrate our faith, our independence, our national identity. He views as 'bitter clingers' to our 'guns and Bibles.' His contempt for us is visceral. We can sense it. And we don't like it. Not. One. Bit.

And I don't know about you, but I sense he carries with him the stench of anti-Semitism. He really, really, really loathes the Jews. (Why they vote for him is a mystery. It's like voting for Father Coughlin.) And as a likely hangover of his Muslim education, he smiles and blinks away the naked anti-Semitism of the kind of perverted and triumphalist Islam that hangs black flags on our embassies and kills our ambassadors. And he appears to not mind a bit if Israel disappeared in a mushroom cloud if it were expedient.

The Obama experiment cannot work; it's been tried over and over: Russia, Eastern Europe, Germany, China, Korea, Cuba–every so-called effort to create a Worker's State, under a national or international socialism has produced nothing but a Bureaucrat's power trip and massive oppression for everyone else.

This effort will be no different. It cannot work because it does not take the fundamental lessons of history, of how a democratic republic works. It requires in the end a police state structure, a secret police force, detention camps, televideo court proceedings, summary hearings, summary justice.

And finally, he represents something that the Republican right views as a form of malign insanity: we really, really, really loathe being called racists for opposing him. For two reasons: one, it is not true. Second, it is not true! And third: if he keeps using that kind of language the REAL racists will come out of the closet. And not all (or even most) of the naked racists are on the right. Beware. There was a time when calling someone a Communist inspired fear; now the cite gets a :P in response and real Marxists are in power. What happens when the word Racist loses its power to intimidate through overuse? You may find out. And not from "conservatives."

In short, I and we loathe Obama not because he is black but because he is  Red.

Biden I loathe simply because he is a blithering idiot. And no he didn't supervise a nickel. ('Only one hand can wear the Ring, and he does not share power.')

Part III

You think that my warnings of his style of police structure are a right wing fantasy. Imagine a world where a defendant, once taken into custody, disappears into a jail system and his family has no right to find him. They go to the police headquarters and they are denied admission. He has no right to an attorney unless his family hires one for him. The attorney calls and asks: Where is my client? And they answer: Do you have a signed form with his signature? Attorney: Now how can I if I don't know where he is? And they say: I'm sorry sir, I can't help you without a signature.....

Imagine that the accused has no right to bond if he has even the slightest criminal history. He appears only in court by TV set and his lawyer cannot sit next to him and counsel him: indeed the lawyer can only do so over the TV set in front of the judge and the prosecutor. The Rules of Evidence do not protect him, and he can be deprived of his family forever by a decree of a judge after fifteen minutes, after which he is exiled, never to return to his home or family.

You think I'm making this up? No. I live this. I am an immigration attorney and *I SEE THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY* in my practice. If you are an alien–immigrant or eeelegul–and you fall afoul of Homeland Security the constitutional rights you thought you had are of no value whatsoever.

And Obama is driving this train.  Why? By "concentrating on removing 'criminal aliens'" he jams the system in such a way so that a minority of the 'illegal immigrants' cannot ever have their cases resolved because the courts are so jammed with 'criminals.'

And you can't blame this on Bush (although a lot of it you can blame on the GOP in 1996 when they passed the 'IIRIARA' law, which gave him the power to do this.)

What did I hear? Gitmo? Forget it. Gitmo is a piffle, a couple of hundred people, max. The Immigration system consumes hundreds of thousands of people a year, spits them up and chews them out.

I have seen in the course of the last several years an man with a wife and 3 kids who thought he had asylum granted picked up and deported because he didn't file an 'I-589'–which he had never heard of.   I've seen a 60 year old man deported his homeland--which he left at age 2 as a WW2 baby--a country whose language he no longer spoke,  for a crime he committed in the late 60s when he was 18. I've even seen a man deported for a $130 misdemeanor ticket: that was a bitter loss indeed.

And all it would take to turn this force on the rest of us is a 'national emergency' and a new Patriot act, an the Immigration Courts become Immigration and Citizenship courts, with 'civil detention' replacing criminal sentences.... a la a People's Court or the Stalinist equivalent.

So. In a nutshell: this is why we cannot, and I cannot, abide Obama. Not because of his race –I'd vote for Condoleeza Rice for President in a heartbeat, or back in the day for Colin Powell (who is retired now). I loathe him because he wants to take us somewhere this horrible century has already gone.

Like I said, not because he is black, but because he is Red.

I was taught Russian by a man whose mother had no fingernails. She'd been an Old Bolshie; the NKVD extracted them while interrogating her in 1938. I don't want to live in a country that is capable of that. But that is what lies at the end of the Marxist road. Of that I am certain: and that end I will resist. And my fellow conservatives with me.

                 There is some shit I will not eat. - e. e. cummings

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