Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Modest Proposal

I've been thinking about what I've heard this campaign, and I've decided to change my outlook. It is clear that a superceding economic crisis is upon us. There is, of course, only one solution: the transformation of the United States' government into one led by an educated, wise, and intelligent vanguard of the lower middle class. They need not BE lower middle class--indeed, it is better if they are not--but they must provide for that lower middle class by creating policies that disappropriate the ill gotten gains of the upper crust and redistribute it. The obstructive nature of the present regime needs to be reformed so that decisions can be made without interference from those opposed to that vanguard. Furthermore, the law enforcement structure would need to be reformed so that the vanguard's decisions are made reality without interference. Now, there are of course those who would oppose this. They need to be reeducated in the new reality. And the approximately 10% of the country who will not accept the new regime, well, they need to disappear. This is deep and profound wisdom: Professor Ayers said that the above is absolutely true. He worked a long time to bring it about, too. And I understand one of his protigees is doing pretty well this election as well. I'm so excited about the outcome! (Next on the Silverback: the nutritive value of Irish babies and the use of a change in diet for purposes of population reduction....)

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