Sunday, August 12, 2012

To Veep... or Not To Veep.....

So: Paul Ryan.

What do we know about him?*

He hates women.

He hates hates hates gays.

He wants to force pregnant women to have babies at gunpoint, and have babies again.

He wants children and old people to starve and to cut off their Social Security and to deny your 82 year old auntie a kidney transplant.

He wants to send American forces to the middle east to conquer Arab countries to prepare for the second coming of Jesus.

He's more machine now than man--twisted and evil.

In spite of his control of the Galactic Empire he needs serious dental work.

He killed Sarah Connor.

He ran Plaszow Labor Camp.

He ate a census taker's liver with fava beans and a nice chianti.

He forged the Rings of Power and stole the Silmarils.

He killed Harry Potter's parents.....

...and even fed his own daughter to the bore worms!

Doubt me? Just wait.

*"I am Charles Johnson and I approve this post."

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