Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's the little things.....

So my wife is on her way to see the doctor with two of my boys (eldest and youngest) in car. In the middle of the crashing rain there was an accident--her car got rear-sideswiped by a black SUV that kept going. She pulls over, just a little damage, nothing major, she calls the cops, makes a report, calls the insurance company, and drives on. ****Now here's the kicker.*** Two (2) autistic kids in car. NEITHER OF THEM HAS A HISSY FIT, THROWS A KONNIPTION OR HAS A MELT DOWN. They shrug it off and wait through it as per normal (although the oldest one is anxious that they'll be late). You have to be a parent of an autistic kid to realize JUST HOW DAMN MEANINGFUL THAT IS. Sometimes your greatest triumphs as a parent is what DOESN'T happen when things go bad. Color me happy today.

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