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REPOST: Before 9/11 there was 7/11
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The Srebrenica morgue in Tuzla: the stench of this place haunts me to this day.

NOTE: This was first posted on July 11, 2010. Nothing has changed.

[Seventeen] years ago today there began a orgy of industrially-planned genocide at a little town in western Bosnia known as Srebrenica. At the end of a weeklong period, some 5500 military aged Bosnian male prisoners of war from ages 12 to 85 were deliberately massacred in an act of stone cold state-sponsored genocide. Some 2500 others died unarmed on a battlefield in an act that was technically an act of war (think the Iraqi "Highway of Death" of 1991) but which compounded the slaughter of the prisoners. Together that made about 8000 or so dead, or some 1% of the Bosnian Muslim population of the entire country (2% of its males), the equivalent of 3,000,000 Americans.

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had this to say about the Srebrenica Massacre:
Today we remember the tragic events in Srebrenica 15 years ago. I join President Obama and the people of the United States in offering our deepest condolences on this most solemn occasion. We honor the memories of the victims and mourn with their families.

The United States stands with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all countries in the region who wish to foster peace and reconciliation. We remain committed to ensuring that those responsible for these crimes face justice. We recognize that there can be no lasting peace without justice. It is only by bringing all responsible parties to account for their crimes that we will truly honor Srebrenica’s victims.

We are duty-bound – to the victims, to their surviving family members, and to future generations – to prevent such atrocities from happening again. Our common faith in the value of freedom and peace unifies us and drives us to act. That is why we are committed to working with all the communities that make up Bosnia and Herzegovina to move forward and build a pluralistic, democratic state that can take its rightful place in the Euro-Atlantic community. A prosperous, free, and unified Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most worthy monument to those who lost their lives at Srebrenica and the best guarantee against such a tragedy ever repeating itself.

This marks the first time I can say I am in full agreement with Hillary about ANYTHING.

If you have five or ten minutes, please take the time to read Wikipedia's article about the Srebrenica massacre. You may not be glad that you did, but it's the right thing to do.

Srebrenica was where the World, after saying "never again" in 1945, shrugged its collective shoulders and said, "Well, never say never." Christ forgive us.


It is apparent that out there somewhere there is, er, not in full agreement with me on this. My old sitepest has returned and had this to say to enlighten us:

What's this? oh another poor poor Muslim from Bosnia trying to Kill America... what it can't be they want democracy right?

Are you sad that your jihadist bro got caught, you must be so sad, quick contact your financers and Ruder Finn and make sure that the mass media doesn't get a hold of this... you must be devastated to know a brother in arms will be in jail for a long time. poor you. poor sarajevo.

Jury Convicts Bosnia-Born Muslim in Plot to Bomb New York Subway

Posted Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 at 6:55 pm A federal jury has convicted a Bosnian-born man of attempting to bomb New York City's subway in 2009 for al-Qaida. Adis Medunjanin faces life in prison when he is sentenced on September 7. The jury found him guilty of nine counts of terrorism, including plotting to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan and consorting with al-Qaida. Medunjanin's attorneys told the court that he backed out of the plot to set off bombs in the country's busiest subway system. They admit he traveled to Pakistan to join the Taliban, but said he had no intention to cause death and destruction in New York. But federal prosecutors argued that Medunjanin and two co-defendants trained at an al-Qaida camp where they were asked to carry out a suicide bombing in the United States. Other targets they looked at included the New York Stock Exchange, Grand Central Terminal, and Times Square. The two other defendants have already pled guilty and are cooperating with the government awaiting sentence.


oh what happened? you won't share the news about your poor poor Bosnian Muslims that were just fighting for human rights? you sold your soul to the devil for a few jihadist dollars how does it feel/


blah blah blah jihadist you chose your side you chose nazi croatia and jihadist bosnia, 40,000 mujahadeen fighters from pakistan iran and saudi arabia and they still couldn't defeat Christianity and the Serbs.

You and Islam lose. You an pretend all you want, we know who you took money from, we are preparing a terrorist case against you.

We know who you are.


Hey terrorist, you got played by the Jihadist...

how does it feel that you have been fighting for Sharia but losing?

From link above: One of the most brutal incidents in recent history is the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995 by a paramilitary group known as "the Scorpions." We now have a top level witness and reams of official documents that categorically prove that it was NATO ordered, not only the Dutch "stand down" that led to the killings, but recruited, paid and controlled the Scorpions as well.

It was the trial of Ratko Mladic that may be the destruction of the ICC or at least should be. As Timothy Blanchford-Henchly points out in the Serbian SOS, "The Ratko Mladic trial at the farcical International Criminal Court - that travesty of justice and insult to international law which kidnaps people, illegally detains them and does not apply the principles of due process - has been interrupted indefinitely after the prosecution "forgot" to deliver thousands of pages of evidence to the defense."


It was this key evidence and this witness, now safely in Belarus that caused the ICC to stop the trial of Ratko Mladic, the "fall guy" documents show was "set up" by the French DRM in 70 communiqués we now hold.

Though, with the breakup of Yugoslavia, the region was left with scores to settle, some between Christians and Muslims, there were other forces at play also. The vast international drug trade had been channeled for decades from the Far East, through processing centers in Turkey and through Yugoslavia. If the "status quo" is any indication of intent, NATO sitting on Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania and much of the region, a region now a center of drug trafficking, of international crime and a region increasingly fortified to threaten Russia or Syria or Iran, this may well have been the NATO intent when organizing the formation of the Scorpions and ordering the slaughter of thousands of civilians.

During World War II, more Serbs, by percentage, died than any other people, all Christians, most killed in death camps run by Croatians and Italians, some by Catholic priests, all under the direction of Germany. Prior to that, Serbia had been under Ottoman control for hundreds of years, a corrupt empire that misruled not only the Balkans but the entire Middle East as well.

RLK here. Hmn.

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  1. Before there was a 7/11, there was Mostar and fierce fighting by "unarmed" Bosnians who were augmented by the Muhadeen fighters.

  2. Genocide. Serb Genocide upon Bosniacs. Guilty guilty guilty. Moving right along....


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