Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nastiest Political Season EVAH?

Snagged from my FB friends Mary Steinmann, via Mary Bredlau:
I have been seeing WAY too much name calling, and it seems to be escalating, from BOTH Democrats and Republicans. In these increasingly frustrating times, it is easy to get emotional or to feel strongly about something. But the moment that you begin to call names, or to swear, your credibility decreases. Just like swearing it is always possible to make your point without name-calling. It just requires some modicum of intelligence to be displayed. And I KNOW that all you guys are the best and the brightest stars in the universe. It also occurred to me that way more name calling goes on on these pages than I have ever seen in a face to face conversation. Why?? Because names hurt. They hurt the person called names, but they also hurt the person calling them. They become the seeds of hate. I have seen posts from friends I treasure in the past few weeks claiming the other party is full of hate.. I believe none of us is.. but the name calling gives a strong impression of hate. So, I am asking you all to consider finding ways to express yourself without using phrases like libtard, zealot, liar or worse. Give it a shot, because I know you all posses sufficient vocabulary to eloquently and intelligently express yourselves. And I believe with ALL my heart that NONE of MY friends are haters. Bonus to this is that if there is no name calling, the other side may actually read all of what you have to say with an open or at least more open mind. Give it a shot.. there is nothing to loose and SO much to gain.. Create a happy day!!
I know that sometimes I write with a broad brush....and occasionally use ridicule to powerful effect. I've hurt feelings, sometimes of the people I love dearly. Nevertheless, politics is the art of clashing wills, and this never happens without hurt feelings. It's an old story.....

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