Monday, July 23, 2012

Capt Haddock's Curse Page!
- The Challenge

Okay, everyone, I hear you.

I'm getting complaints from some of my readers about having to google or hit at some of my more obscure (not to mention obscene) vocabulary.

I admit that it's a bad habit of mine--too much lawyering, probably.

But as well acquainted as I am with scatological denigration, even I run up against a vocabularistic sesquipedelianism that even I can't handle. As I found recently.  Are you up to the challenge, then?

Here's one for you then....

Once upon a time (1929-1983), there was a comic-book series called The Adventures of Tin-Tin. Its creator, the Belgian children's book-writer Herge', found himself with a problem: one of his fans' favorite characters was a sea-captain, the immortal Captain Archibald Haddock, who would accompany the hero Tin-Tin on their many adventures.

But how do we get around the problem that this is a children's book? What kind of language would a sea-captain use?

Well, this were children's books, after all. So instead of the usual four-letterisms that one encounters so commonly in rap music these days, Herge fell back on, um, obscurely long words without common meanings.... the following.

I'm sure your reaction to these, er, curses is the same as mine: "WTF, over?"

Anyway, read them over.... check your vocabulary at the door. (There's a link at the bottom that defines the batch.)

Ready.... set.... commence!

Abecedarian Hydrocarbon
Aborigine Iconoclast
Anachronism Invertebrate
Anacoluthon Jobbernowl
Antediluvian Kleptomaniac
Anthracite Macrocephalic
Anthropithecus Mameluke
Anthropophagus Migou
Aztec Moujik
Bashi-bazouks Mountebank
Belemnite Nyctalops
Brontosaurus Odd-toed ungulate
Cachinnatin Ophicleide
Carpathian Pachyrhizus
Cercopithecus Patagonian
Coelacanth Phylloxera
Colocynth Picaroon
Corsair Pithecanthropus
Cro-magnon Punchinello
Diplodocus Quadruped
Dipsomaniac Rapscallion
Doryphoros Rhizopod
Ectoplasms Ruminant
Ethelred Sea-gherkin
Fatima Slubberdegullion
Filibuster Vivisectionist
Guano-gatherer Weecil
Harlequin Zapotec

How did you do?

I will admit: when I came upon this list, there were WELL OVER HALF of them I couldn't identify or define. That's pretty sorry.

The definitions are found here.

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