Thursday, May 31, 2012

Justice John Paul Stevens, Judicial Mengele

It appears that the President of the United States gave the Medal of Freedom -- the nation's highest civilian award -- to Justice John Paul Stevens, the individual who called the planned genocide of children nearing readiness for childbirth an "Act of Freedom."

Yes, it's an exercise of liberty--the kind of liberty that is made available to you when law serves moral monsters: as it did in Bosnia, in Cambodia, in North Korea, in China, in Russia, and in Nazi Germany.

In a just world, both Stevens and Obama would be facing a dock at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity.

One abortion is one homicide. State sanctioned, legalized abortion is genocide, and those who promote it promote genocide. One day this will be so obvious a truth that generations will scarce believe we ever thought otherwise.

I do not say, Anathema sit, because my ability to curse or not curse is meaningless.

What I do say is this: may the risen Christ have mercy on them both, for they will need Christ's mercy on a scale unimaginable.

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