Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm honored! Honored I say!

       Jaenke Duedel went to town
       Riding on a pony
       Stuck a feather in his cap
       And actually thought he was cool or something.....
       - Yankee Doodle (Translated Into 21st Century English)

I am honored.


I managed to annoy somebody SO MUCH that they actually took the trouble to post this to the Web! (Although it appears it's been there a while....)​albums/qq243/jaunte_photos/​Esq-Dealer.jpg
(I feel like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" when he discovered his name in the phone book.....)
There is of course an EPIC story behind this....

Once upon a time, there was an idiot leftist (but I repeat myself) blogger named Charles Johnson (AKA "The Squire of Gothos"), whose blog, "Little Green Footballs," was once an interesting place. Before, of course, he started insultingly purging every member of his blog that stated something he didn't like.

I posted there for about a year and a half; he was very polite to me, until I dared to contradict him.

So I told him to frak himself and quit (before he had a chance to delete me).

Then... he outed me. I've told this whole sorry tale before and won't bother to give the details again. Go ahead and click *here* if you really want to know the whole stupid story.

So. Anyway, about two years later--say, last year--he discovered some videos posted by a "Doctor Richard Kent" (NOT NOT NOT ME) that purported to support "Young Earth Creationism", a POV I find ridiculous. (I'm an Old Earth creationist.)

Charles immediately asserted that he (Dr. Richard Kent) and I (Richard L. Kent, Esq.) are the same person, probably based on the fact that neither he nor I have been seen at the same place at the same time... or perhaps because we're both fat white haired middle aged guys (we Republicans all look alike). (I like to call myself middle aged because I like to pretend I'll live to 100, but never mind.) However, I am not him. (A guy named "Charles Johnson" should be aware that multiple people might have the same name.)

Charles wouldn't admit he frakked up of course, and over at "Little Green Footballs," it is an article of, er, faith that I am the same person as "Doctor Richard Kent."

Anyway, for some reason someone posted the above picture at LGF..... and the rest, as Henry Ford would say, is bunk. I admit that the expression on the EsqDealer's face is NOT quite in keeping with the spirit of this blog, however, so I'm altering it, and adopting it as our new blog logo.

The artist can sue me if he doesn't like it.

(C.f. "Yankee Doodle".)

PS. I should note that the Squire of Gothos has banned more than FIFTEEN THOUSAND PEOPLE FROM HIS BLOG since he lost control of his autism about two years ago. (I don't link to DiaryofDaedelus lightly, as it is run by a certified lunatic named "Rodan", but the article is both enlightening as to the extent of Charles Johnson's online self mutilation and the extent of DofD's unholy obsession with same.)

(But how many did he OUT? Other than me I mean?)

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