Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Iconic Pic, Sexual Harassment..... or Fish Hook?

The NY Times ran a story sometime back about the famous picture of the nurse, above, getting a happy kiss from a total stranger in Times Square on V-J Day in August 1945.

Comments on the blog, however.... well, they weren't so supportive.
I am continually astonished by the celebratory tone this photograph elicits. A sexual aggressor practically rapes a woman in public, and everybody cheers. I would like to say that sailor would have been tried, convicted and placed on a sexual offender registry if people during those times were as enlightened as we are now, except we still don't seem to be as enlightened as we should be. Think, people! Your young daughters witness this photograph and the general sense of approval surrounding it, and cannot help to be confused. Our approval says it's OK for an aggressive man to accost a woman and sexual molest her, should he see fit to do so. The public exhibition of this photo should be banned. It is a depiction of rape, plain and simple, and deserves our contempt and scorn, should we have even an ounce of decency and respect for women and their right not to be treated as sexual playthings. My own daughter knows that the sailor committed a sex crime. She knows that people of that era were oppressed by a patriarchal regime that put all women at risk of being used as sexual objects. She knows these things because I told her. I would hope that all of you do the same for your own daughters, and sons too. Boys are particularly at risk, due to their natural aggressiveness. An enlightened society frowns on and seeks punishment for masculine displays such as that depicted in this story. Make sure your boys are aware of the criminal nature of the man's aggressive sexual molestation of that poor nurse. - Geld Ann Emasculate, Fredericksburg, VA

Now, I kinda picked up by the name of the author--ahem--that the above was, er, not precisely to be taken at face value. It was amazing how many readers missed the point, however:
Wow. Over the top. No one knows who they were, so they could have been boyfriend/girlfriend. That's a heavy things to tell a young woman. "Sex crime?" Please. joyless and bitter, these holier than thou politically correct hyper-enlightened zero common-sense people are....

The first letter-writer should seek treatment tomorrow. In my line of work I deal with real rape cases and I can tell you that this picture, taken on a day of wonderful news for the U.S. in a crowded public place, is not rape or a precursor to it....

Now for my part, all I can say is, this: Any sufficiently advanced parody is indistinguishable from being an insufferable jerk. Fortunately for "Geld", it was not sufficiently advanced to be completely lacking in humor. I thought it was hilarious. And as for the "visciousness of right wing blogs," well, at least right wing blogs have fun writing satires. The only response most people of the left are capable of is some variation of covering their ears screaming "EEEEK! CRIMETHINK....!"

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